Jul 092012

Conservatives have long promoted the idea of more personal and economic freedom and much less government. There is a long and painful history of government inefficiency, waste and bureaucratic corruption, as a result, conservatives are loath to trust government with anything more than the most basic of initiatives like law and order and national defense.

So can you imagine their response to the idea that the EPA, since 2005, has been fining the oil industry for not using an additive that doesn’t exist. Say again? That’s right, the EPA requires oil refiners to use cellulosic ethanol as a blend — except cellulosic ethanol isn’t commercially available. Yet, Big Brother issues fines for non-compliance.

Absurd? Indeed.

“As ludicrous as that sounds, it’s fact,” says Charles Drevna, a refiner representative. “If it weren’t so frustrating and infuriating, it would be comical.”

“..not one drop of cellulosic ethanol has been produced commercially. It’s a phantom fuel,” says Tom Pyle of the Institute of Energy Research. “…the cellulosic biofuel program is the embodiment of government gone wild.”

In fact, the requirement is increasing — 500 million gallons this year, 3 billion by 2015 and 16 billion by 2022. And, yet, with no cellulosic ethanol being produced the EPA fines keep coming.

It’s a wonderful example of big government at work. And it is exactly why conservatives consistently stand against big brother. He is a bumbling imbecile capable of only the most rudimentary behaviors.

As you might expect, the refiners have brought a law suit against the EPA for seven years of fines based upon a requirement they can’t possibly meet. And that means the tax payer now has to pay for the inept boobs within the EPA as well as their attorneys.


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