Oct 092013

Try not to panic over the debt situation.

At least not yet.

There will be time for that soon enough, guaranteed.

It is built into the story line. Isn’t that why you watch the show—for the rush?

It’s as good as any B-movie or afternoon soap opera. The acting is certainly better.

Our supreme ruler takes the stage, he stands tall, he is clear-eyed, controlled and business-like. No, check that—presidential—that is the better word. He has to be, of course, because he just got his ass kicked last month regarding his presidential plans to war it up with Syria. Another dud like that and he’s probably all done.

So he’s looking presidential and hoping to rebound. He announces he has made a presidential decision—he won’t negotiate. If the other guys insist on holding the country hostage he is taking his ball and going home. Further, he proclaims behind the safety of his teleprompters, he has made some difficult decisions, like presidential presidents do.

He is closing open air parks and memorials and kicking folks out of their house boats on lakes within national parks. He is allowing death benefits for fallen soldiers’ families to be frozen and he is shutting down government websites. These are the difficult decisions petty presidents, pardon me—presidential presidents make when they don’t get their way.

And just a quick thought here—just how expensive are websites for a government that probably has access to any server it wants? I mean, how much is shutting down websites really saving us?

I know the host for my site charges me for the year in advance, if that is the case for US Inc. then shutting down the sites didn’t save any money, used or not, they have already been paid for.

Hm mm…

And just how outrageously expensive is funding a couple of park rangers that care-take some federal land in Kentucky? Or Wyoming? Or South Dakota? Are we saving big money there?

I’ll bet if all the senators, representatives, czars, advisors and our supreme ruler cut their pay by a third (or donated their bribe money) for the cause, Ranger Rick wouldn’t be standing in the bread line.

Meanwhile, the National Review, a Right is right website, published a commentary that declares “The point of this federal propaganda exercise is obvious: The administration seeks to gin up ill will against the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for refusing to crumble when Obama and the Senate peremptorily refuse to even consider its proposals.”

Gee, no foolin?

Of course, what the Review won’t write, because Right is right, is that Republicans are drooling over this grid-lock situation as much as Democrats. Republicans and Democrats both represent the banksters–that’s why they are treasonous repubo-rats.

Let’s not forget, these political puppets, at the command of their bankster puppeteers, have spent some $7 trillion over the last five years—yes, that is with a “T”. One side screams they need to spend more and the other side moans the money should be shut off. But time and time and time again, the money gets spent. And the American sheeple sit spell-bound, eyes glazed, watching the show rather than figuring out how to arrest each and every one of the these traitors.

The banksters want more money. That is all that is about. The more money they lend to US Inc., the more money they make. Repayment of this money comes from the American sheeple, thus it makes the citizens poorer—or, if you prefer, less of a threat to fight off the NWO, fascist agenda.

If you want to bring America to its knees, why not shut down parts of the government? You’ve already decimated the housing industry and the coal industry. You’ve artificially raised gas prices and intentionally raised energy prices. You’ve expanded entitlements. Why not shut down parts of Central Planning? Government layoffs, like company layoffs, lead to more people on unemployment. Indeed, if you shut down parts of, say, the DoD, then it ripples into the military industrial complex. Next thing you know, Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky Aircraft and other “might is right” businesses begin to layoff workers so even more folks join the unemployment lines.

Look, the reality is, if you are a serious bankster into the NWO thing, you don’t want to just bring down America. No, no, no. Clearly, because you are a serious bankster, you want to make money while you bring down America. I mean, these guys are professionals, right?

So you send your puppets out to scream at each other and you let some time pass. You flood the airwaves with doom and gloom and sad stories of broken lives. In fact, just have your media employees publicly blame everything on the government shut-down—depressed old-timers, starving kids, outbreaks, plane crashes—-the only limit is your imagination.

You could even run a few false-flag operations if you wanted to spice things up and get the gun control thing going again—the ex-government worker goes postal type of the thing.

So you let some time pass and let the propaganda go to work on the dumbed-down minds of the peasants because eventually their initial emotions, whatever they are, will turn to panic and fear. They always do. That’s why they are sheeple.

Then, when the time is right, all the repubo-rats crawl out from their holes and hit the stage. Some will wipe their brows in feigned exhaustion, other will wear big smiles but they will all announce a new borrowing deal—a shiny new debt cap.

Presto—happy days.

The banksters get to loan US Inc. billions and billions. The repubo-rats get to deposit their bribe money. Ranger Rick gets to go back to walking in the woods. Central Planning gets to re-fill thousands of empty cubicles. The American peasants that collect, get to collect. And all the sheeple that would clearly rather pay than arrests these criminals, well, they get to pay.

Because America—just like you were taught in school—is the land of plenty.


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