Who Is Barack Obama?

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May 182012

Who is Barack Obama? Amazingly, questions regarding the supreme ruler’s background have surfaced again. Breitbart.com obtained and published several author biographies attached to print editions of Obama’s books, which present conflicting information about his birthplace. Some state that he was born in Kenya, while others state he was born in Hawaii. Further, biographies stating he was born in Hawaii were issued after his campaign for the presidency was announced. Intense scrutiny regarding Obama’s birthplace have plagued him since Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised the issue during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. And if truth be told, by sealing his records, paying attorneys vast sums of money to provide legal cover and by allowing two fraudulent birth certificates to circulate among the public, the supreme ruler hasn’t helped his situation.

At the heart of the convoluted controversy, according to his attackers, is the actual legitimacy of his presidency. There are really two battles being waged. The first involves his birthplace and his citizenship. His attackers claim they can prove he was not born in Hawaii but rather in Kenya and therefore cannot be president. The publisher biographies are just the latest information to surface that support the idea Obama was not born within U.S. borders. The second controversy ties directly into the first.

As the argument is presented, even if Obama was born in Hawaii, American presidents, unlike other politicians, are required to be natural born citizens of the United States. The problem is the Constitution doesn’t clearly define a natural born citizen. Is a natural born citizen one that is born within the U.S. and has one parent as a U.S. citizen or is the requirement both parents be U.S. citizens? There are on-going court cases in several states trying to answer this question. Obama’s mother, for the record, was a U.S. citizen but his father was not.

The inconsistencies regarding Obama’s background are troubling as one can argue that the man is a construct, a made to order politician with the vast majority of his upbringing and belief system hidden from view. Unfortunately, with the 2012 presidential election just six months away, it seems there’s little chance of any official resolution being reached before citizen’s cast their votes. However, this latest development again brings to the forefront the important question of just who is Barack Obama? Clearly, we know more about him now than we did when he was elected, but just as obvious is the fact that there is more to the man than the American public knows.

The lack of official documentation combined with the glaring inconsistencies of what sparse information there is, should raise serious questions in the mind of any citizen. Whether Republican or Democrat, any citizen that claims to hold America first, should demand full disclosure from Obama, and short of complete and consistent information, his role within the U.S. government should be put to an end.


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