Jul 172012

Former congressman Anthony Weiner is back in the news. You remember him, yes? He was the Democrat Rep. from New York that resigned last June after a sexting and pic exchange scandal. When the story first broke he denied the accusations saying his account had been hacked. Yet evidence grew. Then the horn-dog claimed it was probably a prank perpetrated against him by some other nuts. Only later, when pictures surfaced, did we learn how truly dedicated the Democrat was to the idea of self-promotion.

Well, apparently Weiner is ready for the spotlight again and wants to resurrect his career. It’s been a year now and reports are Weiner is healthy and happy, craving attention and thinks it’s time to expose himself to the people again.

What’s he trying to pull? Reports are he wants to run for mayor. Skeptics point out that he has only spent a year out of the lime-light and that may not be a long enough time in exile. Which begs the question — can Weiner rise again after his public beating?

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