Sep 262012

Catherine Engelbrecht is a happy woman today. And if you support the fight against voter fraud, you can be happy, too. Cathy is smiling because she is president of True the Vote, a national watchdog group, and they hit the media yesterday with an announcement that they uncovered absentee ballot fraud cases in New York and Florida.

Apparently True the Vote cross-referenced Florida’s voter registration with just 10% of New York’s roll. Results identified some 1,700 folks registered in both states. Of these, it appears 31 people actually voted in the same federal election within both states.

The group notified the Department of Justice, the New York State Board of Elections and the Florida Secretary of State.

Because Federal law prohibits voters from casting more than one ballot in the same election this is a big-time no, no — as in felony.

This announcement comes just a short time after Maryland Democrat congressional candidate, Wendy Rosen, made news when she withdrew from her race after it was discovered she had committed voter fraud in at least two elections.

“This should serve as a warning to any individual considering committing voter fraud in this year’s election,” Engelbrecht said. “These findings are only the beginning of our effort.”

You go, girl.

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