May 142012

The ‘Occupy’ movement hit the streets of America’s cities last year. Endorsed by Democrats and Hollywood celebrities, the Occupy protests were defined by the media as a series of spontaneous gatherings, the left’s version of the tea party, protesting capitalism, corporate greed and what has turned out to be a miss-mash of talking points taken directly from the Democratic playbook.

However, from the very start, there’s been speculation that ‘Occupy’ is not spontaneous gatherings of dissatisfied citizens. Rather, it’s carefully choreographed events using hired protestors with unions and other liberal and progressive sympathizers serving as stage managers behind the curtain. And last week when the Service Employees International Union acknowledged they are funding a downtown D.C. office for the actors, the suspicions were confirmed.

The SEIU is among the most powerful unions in the country. According to its’ website it boasts of some 2 million members overall. Its ranks are composed of 225,000 members from the cleaning and security industries and 1.1 million members from healthcare fields. Additionally, it has government workers and public school employees that swell its membership by another million. Needless to say, the union is very cozy with the supreme ruler.

Some members of the union that find their dues paying for ‘Occupy’ aren’t pleased. SEIU member Kandy Gonzalez spoke out, telling Fox News, “We’re not happy,” she complained, “When you pay dues, you think you’re paying for a better work environment.”

Even more concerning is the fact that the SEIU is supporting an anti-capitalist movement with dues paid for by government workers, who in fact, collect their wages directly from all American citizens. I don’t support the ‘Occupy’ movement, do you?

Apparently, we do, whether we like it or not. This is just another reason why public-sector union-busting must be a priority for the conservative movement.


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