Jul 162012

If you read history, you know America has fought off the influence of Socialism and Communism since the country was founded. From the Left’s perspective, crusaders, this is their shot. The hard-Left radicals, over time, have slowly infiltrated the Democratic Party. Obama, a Saul Alinsky fan club member, just happens to be one of them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is too. She chose Alinsky as her Wellesley College thesis in 1969: There is Only the Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. It’s well known there is this Hatfield and McCoy thing between the Clintons and Obamas. Wonderful Willy takes pot shots at the supreme ruler when he can. Obama claims Romney isn’t qualified for the presidency, Clinton says he’s is. The supreme ruler declares it is time to raise taxes, Wonderful Willy says it’s not. The jabs and body blows are obvious if you pay attention. Yet, even with the bad blood, Obama appointed Horrid Hillary as Secretary of State. Why? Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Make no mistake, if Clinton had won the Democratic primary rather than Obama, and then achieved the presidency, we’d be in the same mess. Sure, events would have unfolded differently but the end-game is the same.

Unfortunately, this is our fault. The American people elected a man they knew nothing about. He turned out to be a man that believes that America is the cause of most of the world’s problems. He was indoctrinated into the anti-capitalism, hard-Left socialist political philosophy and cut his teeth in the rough and tumble Chicago political arena. But as a presidential candidate his background was a problem for conservative America. So he and his supporters edited, hid or lied about the most explosive elements. And why not? Camouflage, miss-direction, lying and sociopathic behavior are all part of the playbook.

We know the supreme ruler’s playground pals have included William Ayers (anti-American terrorist), Frank Marshall Davis (Communist Party member and criminal), Bernardine Dohrn (anti-American terrorist), Larry Walsh (neighbor and criminal), Louis Farrakhan (neighbor and race baiting leader of the nation of Islam) and the anti-American racist Rev. Wright. The list of hard-Left Obama associates is a long one. We know he was a card-carrying member of the short-lived but politically radical New Party. And, of course, we know he studied Alinsky.

And because of this, we know he’ll lie, cheat or be cruel to get his way because in the war of politics “there are no rules of fair play”. Character and integrity just don’t come into play because the end justifies the means. The fact is, crusaders, Bad-boy Barack, Horrid Hillary, San Fran Nan and the others just don’t give a chuck what we think. There’s just no other way to say it.

Obama will continue to divide Americans (Rule 12) either by class, race or political philosophy. Clinton, as Secretary of State, will continue to negotiate away the sovereignty of America knowing comrade Obama is waiting with pen in hand to sign the next treaty. We also know this behavior won’t stop (Rule 8).

Understand, crusaders, this is their moment. The hard-Left has the pieces in place. They have San Fran Nan twisting arms in the House when she can and Harry Hostile Reid stalling all economic and job policies in the Senate. They have the key-stone cop, Eric Holder for domestic law un-enforcement. On the international stage is Horrid Hillary, negotiating away American sovereignty and, of course, the supreme ruler is sitting on the throne. But with prominence comes exposure. The question is, what are you seeing?

Before your eyes is uncontrolled spending, intentional attacks on industry and individual states, the stripping of middle-class wealth, the expansion of entitlements, inconsistent or non-existent law enforcement, constitutional violations and international treaties being negotiated that attack American sovereignty. Do you really believe all this is an accident? Or Bush’s fault? Or Europe’s? Or a tsunami’s? Or is it part of the playbook? Do you really believe that if you re-elect Obama, all this will go away during his next term?

Unemployment isn’t going to improve. Obama attacks industry daily. It’s intentional. He wants high unemployment. And don’t forget he has been expanding qualifications for entitlements all along, too. He’s seeking to establish a permanent entitlement-based class. Obama wants you poor. His political philosophy demands it. A controlled economic collapse is a messy but necessary part of economic transition. He wants you intimidated, scared and confused in hopes that most of you will run to the government for help. Nor will he stop outrageous spending, chasing your guns, expanding government and violating the Constitution. He’s four months from an election — has he stopped any of these things yet?

The attempt to over-throw a Constitution-based America, and its capitalist economy is occurring before your eyes. In its place, the minority hard-Left in power seeks to install a euro-socialist state with a permanent entitlement class. They have the key people in place and the wheels of change are turning. They are damn close to success. It can be argued they are one election from victory.

But they do not have a stranglehold. They do not control the American citizenry yet. An educated and motivated public can put a stop to this. Yes, they may be one election away from victory — but so are we.


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