Jul 162012

Do you believe politicians should embrace corruption and cruelty? Saul Alinsky did. Born in Chicago in 1909, Alinsky was a community organizer and writer. The experience of being on the front lines of community activism for some 40-years taught him some valuable lessons. He compiled these lessons into a book and in 1971, published Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals. Why do we care?

Well, crusaders, Rules For Radicals has become a cult classic. In fact, Alinsky is commonly considered the grand-daddy of all modern radicals. More important to us, it turns out that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others currently in power are Alinsky disciples and use what they learned from Rules For Radicals as a playbook to govern and force unwanted changes to our society.

Basically, Alinsky said enough of the hippie-style protests of the 1960′s. Infiltration of institutions is needed to achieve change, not flower-power sit-ins. You know, shower, cut your hair, put on proper attire and then go start working for the government. He promoted the idea that politics is war and as such “there are no rules of fair play” as the end justifies the means. The successful radical will say or do anything to achieve their goal. Ethics, honor, good conscience and acts of civility are to be discarded or used only when they can push your agenda forward. The use of cruelty, ridicule, corruption and harm is completely acceptable. Alinsky’s book can be applauded for drawing attention to patience, planning and intense focus within the political arena but just as easily, it can be criticized as activism that promotes disregard for others and sociopathic behavior.

Outlined within Rules For Radicals, are 12 rules Alinsky feels, if properly internalized and implemented, will allow the radical to meet with success, regardless of what political initiative is being pushed.

Rule 1: Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have. Assess your power, consolidate it and project a larger than life image. Obama, Clinton and the hard-Left within the Democratic party are still in the minority. But because he is President and she is Secretary of State and Eric Holder is the top cop and Harry Reid runs the Senate, they project the idea that hard-Left liberalism is the politics of all Democrats. It’s a facade. Yes, it is a well planned and effectively orchestrated presentation but it is a facade nonetheless. Most Democrats, more interested in their salaries, pensions and perks, willingly yield to this presentation. But if you replace Obama these spineless stooges will fall in line with the next flavor of the month.

Rule 2: Never go outside the expertise of your people. Now that we’re deep into Obama’s presidency, ask yourself how many thousands of times you’ve heard these pet phrases — hope and change, we saved jobs, pay their fair share, heading in the right direction — to name a few. Do Obama’s speech writers lack imagination? No. It’s part of the playbook. Avoid facts, logic and intellectual prose. Use bumper sticker phrases and slogans. Keep it simple for the masses. After all, they are just peasants.

Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Obama constantly jumps in and out of the Constitution. Why? Well, his hard-Left outlook is in the minority and that means most of the American citizenry is his enemy. Unfortunately, very few of us are Constitutional lawyers. Perhaps he lives in this gray area because it’s outside our expertise. If we don’t know whether his action was legitimate or criminal, we have to wait for clarity or, worse, some sheep will give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, clarity usually means hearings, investigations or litigation — and time. Meanwhile, his appointees are making decisions, his declarations are being implemented and society is being changed. And in the back room, Obama is huddled with his boys scheming his next play.

Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. If your enemy says she is going to run a positive campaign, force her to be positive while you are free to rip her up. If an organization has a rule that every call or all mail is answered, make 5,000 calls or send 10,000 letters. The idea is to use what your enemies think are strengths, against them.

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Now you know why he insulted the Supreme Court during his nationally televised State of the Union speech. And Representative Paul Ryan was invited to a nationally televised press conference and given a front row seat only to have himself and his budget proposal publicly ridiculed. Rep. Todd Akin, Donald Trump and Congress have been victims, too. So has the church and bible. He has also mocked and ridiculed the American people numerous times, the very people he is supposed to protect. Examine this carefully and you’ll see the list is virtually endless –  this is what the supreme ruler does. (continued)

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