The Victims Of Obama-care

 Posted by on April 23, 2012  Healthcare
Apr 232012

It’s no surprise with the Supreme Court determining the constitutionality of Obama-care, Democrats have started to hit the airwaves praising the law with success stories, as Obama did last Thursday, “An uninsured father with a cancer diagnosis could have been a short, sad story,” Obama tweeted. “Thanks to the #ACA, it’s not.”

More common, though, and you’ve heard them, are the stories of personal sorrow someone will endure if the law is dismantled. Although tragic, these stories of personal loss have nothing to do with whether a law is constitutional. It’s just another unsavory way Democrats try and divide the country, implying the Supreme Court, or conservatives or Republicans are out to hurt American citizens. The slime is so thick I need a shower. I mean, this coming from the party that passed an illegal law by playing with words — ‘if we need the mandate to be a tax, it’s a tax. If we need it to be a fine, it’s a fine.’ I’ll tell you what it is, it’s a farce.

And let’s not forget it was passed against the will of the American people in the first place. As if some nanny-raised Senator born with a personal trust, knows what is best for all Americans. The magnitude of insolence is stunning. Further, because of in-fighting and confusion, the Democrats knew from the start, Obama-care was flawed. But did they back off, slow down, re-evaluate and listen to the other members of their party? No. They twisted arms and made backroom deals.

Obama, to win a vote from Dennis Kucinich, took him for a joy ride in Air Force One. What was promised hasn’t been leaked yet, but a couple of days later the cameras rolled and Kucinich told us he changed his mind. Everyone remembers when Ben Nelson of Nebraska slit his political throat when he swapped his vote for the infamous “Cornhusker Kickback”. He bled out all over the country. And then there’s that high integrity, morally incorruptible guy from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter.

We get a gem from Darell Lect, writing about Specter’s book, “he shares that Harry Reid didn’t uphold his promise to give him seniority because of his 28-years in the Senate as a liberal Republican. Essentially, Specter switched parties under the false narrative that he’d get seniority in return for his Obamacare vote.” Amazingly, all this occurred just to get the votes to pass the bill.

But the Democratic zealots still had the unhappy American citizens to placate. So what did they decide to do? They structured it so the benefits of the law are unrolled first. Only later, years later in fact, when the unfortunate and unhealthy are deeply immersed and reliant on the new system, do they let loose with the mandates and fines. Whether you are for Obama-care or against it, no one can condone intentionally manipulating and hurting innocent lives for a political slant. These people are supposed to represent us, for god’s sake. This tactic is beyond low. It’s truly disgusting behavior from a miserable Mischief of sewer-rats.

And finally, when legally challenged these carcass-picking vultures resort to telling us sad tales of lives ruined when they, in fact, strategically structured the situation from the start. The only victims there should be, when Obama-care is dismantled, are the Democrats that voted for it. And you can bet your last dollar, they know it, too. (Continued, page 2 link below)

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