Jul 202012

On Sunday, July 8th, Mitt Romney made several stops to grab some cash from the healthy and wealthy in Long Island. Did you hear about this?

First, he popped in for a quick lunch at the East Hampton home of billionaire Ronald Perelman. Then being a man on the move and in the groove, he scampered over for a chat and photo thing with the former US ambassador to Brazil, Clifford Sobel. Now, as we all know, an afternoon of shaking hands, saying cheese and stuffing your pockets full of checks will deplete a man savagely, so to replenish himself, Romney then sauntered over to Southampton and had dinner at David and Julia Koch.

You didn’t hear about this?

Come now, in the world of politics, a big day like that doesn’t go unnoticed. The Left, obsessed with monitoring Romney roving, knew about his agenda. Further, for weeks prior to the big day, a sad and sordid group of left-wingers including MoveOn.org, Occupy Wall Street, the Long Island Progressive Coalition, Greenpeace, Strong For All, United New York, the Teamsters Union and others advertised the event. Using social media, websites, fliers and good old fashioned word of mouth, they urged their have-not members to have at the haves.

So calendars were changed and buses booked. MoveOn even rented a plane to fly a banner overhead. The battle lines were drawn. The rally point was at Koch’s property. The showdown was set. And then the big day arrived. And you know what happened?

Are you sure didn’t hear about this?

What happened? Absolutely nothing. It was a devastating dud.

A couple of reporters, unlucky enough to draw the assignment, estimated the protest crowd to be 100 people, maybe 150 at its peak — its peak. I’ve been to bake sales bigger than that. My college keg parties were bigger than that. Although I did attend zoo-Mass, so that’s probably an unfair comparison. But hopefully you get the point. At one stage the street leading to the Koch residence was lined with — 8 protestors. I see more folks than that at bus stops. Reports are a few did have signs.

The Teamsters hit it hard, too, headlining a page on their site with Protesters Arrive At Koch Party For Romney. Unfortunately, like the protest itself, the article was extremely limited, say some 8 – 10 sentences. What can you write about when you package and promote a protest that attracts fewer people than a bunch of granny’s and their blueberry pies? Here’s the link if you want to waste your time.

Folks, try to realize that Left-lovers promoted this for weeks. This was Romney meeting Koch. The shady candidate meets his demonic influencer. The multimillionaire meeting the gazillionaire. This was big. A wicked and obscene fundraiser hosted by a big business guy, for a big business guy, at a big house, with a big driveway and a big yard. It’s the symbol of all symbols for the have-nots. It’s beach front property for goodness sake. Hell, you could have played along just for a free trip to the beach.

And yet, perhaps 150 of America’s most righteous reformers showed.

You might expect the Teamsters to commit 100-150 thugs to the event, let alone the other unions involved, yes? Where were they? Where were the oiled bodies of the Hollywood celebs in their muscle shirts and short-shorts, bad-mouthing big business while grabbing some face time? Isn’t MoveOn still a mover and shaker? Isn’t Occupy replacing the Tea Party? What the hell is going on here?

Maybe the lunatic-left and their notoriously short attention span got distracted by Obama’s bright, shiny objects.

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