Aug 282012

Democrats have adopted a new strategy in their relentless pursuit of gun-control. Knowing national legislation is currently a losing proposition and also witnessing the NRA consistently beating back state level legislation, these power-hungry political hacks are trying to achieve gun-control at the local level.

Yes, crusaders, it is the county, city and town ordinances that are the new rave.

Sure, you can own a gun, these self-righteous politicians say, but you can’t carry it in the local park. Or you can own a gun but you can’t have it in your car. Or you can have it in your car but not if you park your car within city limits. You know — “No guns allowed.”

Ultimately, it is the same old tired technique of chip away-chip away. But the difference here is that Democrats are betting gun advocates will have a more difficult time confronting many, many local jurisdictions rather than just a given state trying to pass a law. It is a spread them thin approach — force gun-control opponents into hundreds of legal fights rather than just a few, in hopes of diminishing their resources.

Local jurisdictions within Pennsylvania are currently a beehive of gun-control activity.

“It’s an efficient strategy, said Richard Feldman, a former NRA lobbyist and current president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association. “I’d always rather fight any battle in a state capital than in 15 or 50 county areas,” he said.

The NRA and other gun advocacy groups are counter-attacking with state legislation designed to limit local legislation. For example, last year Florida passed a law that would allow politicians to be removed from office for adopting “their own” local gun laws.

“It’s not going away,” John Linder, Mayor of Chester, Pennsylvania said. “The NRA is not going to relent.”

Nor should it. It’s a sad commentary on our leadership when laws have to be passed to protect against politicians making laws that break existing laws.

As Bloomberg reports, “Pennsylvania law bars local governments from regulating the lawful ownership, possession or transportation of firearms. District attorneys say the towns’ ordinances…conflict with state law.”

So it seems these Democratic Mayors are breaking the law, at least in Pennsylvania, when they make gun-control laws.

Of course, they sell it differently.

“We continue to fight the fight realizing we don’t have enough political clout to win the battle,” said Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, a Democrat. “All we’re trying to do is protect our citizens.”

Protect your citizens? No, Mr. Pawlowski, what you’re trying to do is skirt the 2nd amendment. And that’s being kind. There exist people out there that feel you are actually committing treason by attacking the Constitution.

Additionally, we are not your citizens. The actual relationship is that you are our elected official. You answer to us. Apparently, you’ve lost a little perspective. The reason the founders included the 2nd amendment was so that, if necessary, we could remove politicians that lost perspective. Regardless of your personal delusions, Mr. Pawlowski, Allentown is not your little kingdom where you can wave a scepter and institute what you want, when you want.

In America, Mr. Pawlowski, the people and the Constitution are in charge.

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  1. Nice thing about the Florida law is that it makes the politicians PERSONALLY liable if they violate that law.

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