Oct 092013

In this video, Max Keiser interviews former Asst. Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts (the interview begins at 12:50 time-mark) and they discuss a dark and ugly reality routinely hidden from the peasants by Central Planning—that the entire system is built on fraud.

Keiser starts the interview by asking “Is the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) covering up Wall Street crimes?”

Fitts replies, “Yes, because the economic model is a criminal model. So of course they are covering up crimes, they have to.”

And later, “There’s no doubt the fraud is very significant,” Fitts says. “And part of the reason it’s very significant is a lot of the fraud is done with the intimate support and involvement of the government.”

Keiser, exploring the tragic reality that the banking lobby has forced legislators to make fraud legal, asks, “At what point do we say enough is enough, we need to take stronger measures?”

Fitts replies by explaining how America really works. “I think at the heart of the matter is physical violence because a lot of what has happened, particularly, that I understand in the United States, is you have people who are afraid to say no because the result of saying no is physical violence directed at them or their families. I mean, we’ve had lots of people murdered and assassinated. . .

. . .the reality is we have a force operating in the world that is completely operating outside of the law and no one yet has come up with a way to stop it. We are talking about violent mobster operations.”

Citing her time serving as the Assistant Secretary of Housing, Fitts says, “I was targeted, I was poisoned, I had dead animals left on my doorstep, my house was broken into, people tried to run me off the road, you know it was very, very violent and it went on for years. . .people have been dying. . .it’s a very, very dangerous situation and the challenge is, if you have people that can kill and physically harass with impunity, how do you run a governance process?”

Fitts goes on to explain that attacking a country’s sovereignty is routine. A country is approached and given huge loans—far too much debt for it to handle—then the banksters strip the income and assets from the country in what is basically a financial coup d’état, and then it is announced the country has a debt crisis.

“It’s not a debt crisis.” Fitts concludes. “It’s a plan.”


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