Jan 252013

In late summer of 2012, the FBI started looking into the interesting behavior of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert “Bob” Menendez — specifically, repeated trips to the Dominican Republic. These trips, non-reported or not-duly authorized, were often made via a CL-600 Challenger private jet, owned by a campaign contributor to Menendez and the Democratic Party.

And why, exactly, do we need to know this?

Because by September, the FBI was able to confirm that during these trips Menendez, 59, was purchasing prostitutes, at least one being just 16-years-old, during alcohol-fueled sex parties.

That’s right, the Senator regularly flew down to a Dominican-based Animal House for toga parties that offered good food, strong alcohol and — youngsters.

Understand, even before this organized orgy scandal surfaced, Senator Menendez has proven himself to be no angel.

In 2005, the New York Times ran an article that stated, “since entering politics as a corruption-fighting mayor of Union City, N.J., Mr. Menendez has become a proponent of business as usual.” And later in the column, “there have been 75 corruption indictments in New Jersey over the last four years. The public has a right to yearn for a break from the past, and Mr. Menendez does not represent a clean slate.”

In 2006, an ethics complaint citing conflict-of-interest was filed against Menendez, stating Bob was a bad boy for renting a property to a non-profit agency that received federal funds. Apparently, Menendez had worked hard to get the non-profit agency approved for even more federal cash than it already collected. Then he rented a property to it, collecting some $300,000 in rent.

In 2010, conservative New Jersey folks unsuccessfully attempted to recall bad-boy Bob.

Also in 2010, Menendez wrote Federal Reserve Chairman, Bob “bankster” Bernanke. The letter requested that bansker-Bob approve the sale of a New Jersey bank before it went down. Turns out, as NJToday pointed out, “eight of 15 directors of the [troubled] bank, including the bank’s chairman and vice-chairman, have been contributors to Menendez or his political action committee.”

There’s more if you look. Menendez blocked Judge Patty Shwartz, a nominee to a federal judgeship, because she is tight with a top dog within the public corruption unit for New Jersey’s federal prosecutor. The unit has previously investigated Menendez.

There is also the  unpaid intern working in the Senator’s office who had an expired visitor visa. Although known to authorities since 2010, the intern was just arrested in December — after Menendez won another term in November. Convenient timing, yes? Oh, and as gravy, the 18-year-old volunteer is a registered sex offender.

Of course, Menendez still holds his seat so obviously he has, to date, wiggled out of these jams. But just as obvious it seems, is that bad-boy Bob has a taste for dirty politics as well as dirty sex.

For more detailed information on bad-boy Bob’s organized orgies:
Find emails, flight schedules, prostitutes and more HERE.
For a detailed article outlining the investigation — who, what, where, etc. — go HERE.


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