The Dawn Of A Dictatorship

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Mar 252012

The Obama administration is rejecting the Constitution again. In another example of complete and utter disregard for the laws of the land, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee, declared that he and President Obama will look for foreign approval, not to Congress, for any action to be taken against Syria. And then, Panetta continued, he and the President will decide “whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress.”

Technically, at the heart of the matter here is Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution, which reserves for Congress alone the power to declare war. Many Presidents have tangled with this authority clause at least from the days of Vietnam. The question is can the President, without a declaration of war, initiate military action? Obama’s recent authorization of military force against Libya, without approval from Congress, raised some eyebrows, even prompting Democrat Dennis Kucinich to discuss impeachment possibilities.

But the Panetta comments hint at a more sinister issue, that of United States elected officials answering to foreign bodies prior to, or in lieu of the United States people. In America, the government’s role is to answer to the people, not to the United Nations, NATO or any other foreign body. And even if you disagree with elements of Constitutional law, as President Obama clearly does, you are not, as President, bestowed the authority to disregard them at will. That is the behavior of a dictator.

Panetta’s refusal to acknowledge that he and the President answer to the United States Constitution and by extension Congress, for acts of war, is of concern. But what is alarming is that he did it repeatedly. In the March 7th exchange with Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Panetta made it clear that he and the President will look to the international community, NATO and the UN, for authority, not the United States. Sessions, somewhat stunned by the initial admission, asked for clarification from Panetta several times. The answer remained unchanged.

America is a forgiving country. Obama has had numerous second chances. Early constitutional transgressions were often overlooked by many  as the mistakes of an inexperienced, if not somewhat amateurish administration. Sparked by the January 2012 appointments made by Obama without the “advice or consent” of the U.S. Senate (a constitutional requirement), I wrote a piece President or Constitutional Criminal, which outlined some of the more obvious Obama transgressions. Important to us here, is that Obama has accumulated a surprisingly long list of offenses (just a few examples:list 1. list 2, list 3, list 4). The track record is there to see. We now know these are not mistakes or innocent misinterpretations. It is clear there is a systematic and calculated effort to distort, undermine and weaken the Constitution, to undue or deny citizens’ rights and govern outside the rule of law. And based upon Panetta’s blatant admission, the Administration apparently no longer feels it’s necessary to conceal it. Have we reached the dawn of a dictatorship?

To date, the Obama administration, operating under a Constitutional responsibility to protect the United States, has instead attacked or crippled coal, oil, automotive, investment banking, religion and the rich and enslaved taxpayers by outrageous overspending. He and his cronies have side-stepped Constitutional obligations to Congress and to the American people, passed legislation that destroys citizens’ liberties and, with fictitious omnipotent insight, decide which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore. They are even now, taking steps to ensure that the President has authority to assassinate American citizens. The Obama administration is out of control and can now be officially declared a regime.

Why has no action been taken against this rogue regime and its supreme ruler? The answer is unclear, though a public brawl with the country’s first black President offers little upside. Also, the powers that be may have decided that in an election year, better to bite the tongue and wait to see if the American voters can remove him without public bloodletting. What is clear is that the supreme ruler’s blatant disregard for the Constitution is unprecedented. It is also grievously disrespectful to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country and it is leading America down a very dangerous path.

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  3. And why again exactly are “we the people” not demanding en-mass that congress start impeachment proccedings against this person that strangely, hates the very document that makes him the president and affords him power?

  4. fantastic….hope this goes viral

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