Jul 262012
Does President Pinocchio Need A Spanking?

A wonderful point was brought up by Romney, worth repeating here for any citizen crusader that may have missed it. The man on the hunt slashed into the supreme ruler by stating Obama has had 100 fundraisers while his jobs council hasn’t met at all during that time. That’s one hundred wine and dines but no meetings with his jobs council. “In the last six …READ MORE

Jul 232012
Examining Obama's First Term With Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle is a screenwriter, editor and director. He has written for the National Review Online and is a regular commentator at PJTV.com and a YouTube regular. Here, Bill takes a hard look at the accomplishments of President Barack Obama during his first term. – Many thanks to Bubba  

Jul 192012
Pelosi Gets Hammered About Releasing Her Own Tax Returns

Sweet, sweet San Fran Nan, never gifted on the ad-lib, was reduced to a rambling wreck Thursday when the usually Left-loving media pressed her on why she has not released her tax returns. Say what? At the heart of the matter is a recent report that showed only 17 of 535 members of Congress made their tax returns public. On Wednesday, McClatchy.com ran an article …READ MORE

Jul 172012
What Is Anthony Weiner Trying To Pull Now?

Former congressman Anthony Weiner is back in the news. You remember him, yes? He was the Democrat Rep. from New York that resigned last June after a sexting and pic exchange scandal. When the story first broke he denied the accusations saying his account had been hacked. Yet evidence grew. Then the horn-dog claimed it was probably a prank perpetrated against him by some other …READ MORE