Aug 272012
Big Brother's Multi-Billion Dollar Disgrace

How much is “going green” costing the red, white and blue taxpayers? There’s probably not a soul on Earth that can answer that question with any fair degree of accuracy. We all know the Solyndra debacle will cost the taxpayers a bundle. Estimates range between $300- $500 million, depending on who you ask. Consider this, too. Deroy Murdock, in a piece at the National Review …READ MORE

Aug 202012
Who Will Win America's Hidden Arms Race?

The economy hasn’t devastated all industries. Ask gun manufacturers and they’ll respond ‘not by a long shot’. And they are correct. Gun manufacturers have seen a boom in business. Big time. For example, gun maker Sturm, Ruger reported during the first quarter it logged over a million firearms orders. Unable to keep up with the demand, they also announced they needed to temporarily suspend sales. …READ MORE

Aug 062012
Obama And Democrats Try To Supress Votes In Swing State

Isn’t it Republicans that are supposedly dedicated to suppressing votes? Isn’t it Republicans that, when requesting voter IDs requirements, are actually re-instituting poll taxes? Isn’t it Republicans that want to make it so painful a process to vote that grannies, gran-pops, youngsters and the poor all release deep sighs of frustration and stay home? In short, isn’t it Republicans that want to secretly strip certain …READ MORE

Aug 012012
Obamacare Forces Company To Alter Expansion Plan

Cook Medical recently opened a new plant in Canton, IL. According to Pete Yonkman, executive vice president of strategic business units, the medical devise manufacturer has invested about $30 million renovating an abandoned facility. When it becomes fully operational, the plant should employ about 300 workers. Pleased with the results, Cook Medical was going to use the new Canton plant as a model for expansion. …READ MORE