Oct 222013
21 Reasons To Fight Against The NWO

Unfortunately Australia, New Zealand and most other countries are run by the Zionist controlled New World Order who are hell bent in the total control of your lives. . . they wish to destroy the family unit so that you look up to your government as if they were your mother and father. Here are some of their basic aims 1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary …READ MORE

Oct 222013
Did The Gangster Government Try To Nuke Charlestown, SC?

Recently there was an earthquake some 600 miles off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. Or was there? According to Sorcha Faal, quoting Russian intel sources, it was a nuclear blast. The story is that there was a false-flag operation designed by the criminal psychopaths to devastate the Charleston, SC area. Then the corrupt authorities would step in and install martial law. The plan was stopped by the good guys and the nuke was detonated …READ MORE

Oct 152013
Has The Round-up Of Americans Started?

I know, your first thoughts are rubbish, where’s the evidence? I watch the news. I read. I haven’t seen or heard of anything dramatic like this. Indeed, but by design, that is exactly what the powers-that-be want you to think. Do you actually believe they would announce it as the lead story on FOX, CNN or MSNBC? Understand, the bad guys are no dummies. On the contrary, it is the masses—the ignorant, the lazy, the …READ MORE

Oct 092013
Yet Another Debt Crisis, Because The Show Must Go On

Try not to panic over the debt situation. At least not yet. There will be time for that soon enough, guaranteed. It is built into the story line. Isn’t that why you watch the show—for the rush? It’s as good as any B-movie or afternoon soap opera. The acting is certainly better. Our supreme ruler takes the stage, he stands tall, he is clear-eyed, controlled and business-like. No, check that—presidential—that is the better word. He …READ MORE

Sep 302013
Reporters To Reveal US Assassination Program

Two American journalists are working together to expose the role of the US National Security Agency in what they described as a “US assassination program.” Contributor to The Nation magazine Jeremy Scahill and Rio-based journalist Glenn Greenwald are working on the project. “The connections between war and surveillance are clear. I don’t want to give too much away but Glenn and I are working on a project right now that has at its center how …READ MORE