Sep 042012
America's Income And Expense Dilemma

How much is a trillion dollars? How much money does the US government spend? Is the Obama call to “tax the rich” a valid approach to solving America’s problem? What is the problem — spending or revenues? Tony Robbins gives an easy to understand — but horrifying — presentation addressing many of these questions. America is in peril. The quality of your life and your …READ MORE

Sep 042012
Obama's Speech At Fort Bliss Generates The Sound Of Silence

Some months ago, Obama’s on and off relationship with the military appears to have been turned to off. That conclusion was reinforced Friday when the supreme ruler gave a poorly received speech to soldiers at Fort Bliss in Texas. Although the speech was billed as a White House event — not a campaign event — it was clear Obama was reaching out to try and …READ MORE

Aug 312012
The Leadership Difference Between Romney And Obama

Last night, when Mitt Romney gave his acceptance speech there were plenty of cheers from a devoted audience. However, the speech didn’t soar and it certainly won’t go down in the record books as an all-time great. But it doesn’t have to. Since naming Paul Ryan as their VP selection, Team Romney has stated that they wanted to draw a sharp contrast between Romney/Ryan and …READ MORE

Aug 292012
Ann Romney Accomplishes Her Mission

Mitt Romney is arguably one of the least known presidential candidates since the inventions of radio or television. Last night his wife Ann, took the stage in hopes of conveying to America who Mitt Romney is as a man, a father, a husband and a candidate. But actually there’s a little more to it. Presidential candidates have long known their campaigns can benefit from a …READ MORE