Oct 252013
The Planned Starvation Of The American Sheeple

Evidence has surfaced indicating the Obama administration was prepared to suspend all food-stamp payments beginning Nov. 1 in a political move to pressure Republicans in Congress to reopen the government and agree to continued deficit spending. . . . . .The Obama administration instructed state directors of the SNAP program to take the steps even though the likely consequences were that low-income households with children might not be able to buy food, with the added …READ MORE

Oct 092013
Yet Another Debt Crisis, Because The Show Must Go On

Try not to panic over the debt situation. At least not yet. There will be time for that soon enough, guaranteed. It is built into the story line. Isn’t that why you watch the show—for the rush? It’s as good as any B-movie or afternoon soap opera. The acting is certainly better. Our supreme ruler takes the stage, he stands tall, he is clear-eyed, controlled and business-like. No, check that—presidential—that is the better word. He …READ MORE

Oct 092013
The Economic Model Is A Criminal Model

In this video, Max Keiser interviews former Asst. Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts (the interview begins at 12:50 time-mark) and they discuss a dark and ugly reality routinely hidden from the peasants by Central Planning—that the entire system is built on fraud. Keiser starts the interview by asking “Is the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) covering up Wall Street crimes?” Fitts replies, “Yes, because the economic model is a criminal model. So of course they …READ MORE

Sep 052013
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Syria Resolution

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing limited U.S. military intervention in Syria, setting the stage for a debate in the full Senate next week on the use of force. The committee voted 10-7 in favor of a compromise resolution that sets a 60-day limit on any engagement in Syria, with a possible 30-day extension, and bars the use of U.S. troops on the ground for combat operations. The compromise is …READ MORE

Sep 032013
Syria Could Become A Rallying Point Against The Banksters

For a brief moment, Obama and his banker bosses met the world and the world punched Obama in the mouth. Through our collective efforts, with regard to Syria, average people have made every elitist banker blink and these gangsters have temporarily backed up. However a man’s work is never done, because what do military historians advise generals to do following a big victory? They advise them to follow up on that victory and smash their …READ MORE