Here is a little information (for the non-internet saavy reader) that you may find useful.

RSS FEED: All posts from Citizen are broadcast – think of a radio station broadcasting it’s signal. That radio signal is out there, whether you have your radio set to the channel or not. If you’re interested in that station you tune in. It’s the same idea here. The RSS feed from the site is out there. To tune in, instead of a radio, you use a RSS Reader. And like a radio, once you have the “reader” you can get Citizen or any other site sending RSS. For more info and “reader” services here is a LINK.

WEEKLY EMAIL: This is handy way to get reminders. Subscribe and one email is sent to you weekly (it’s not an hourly or daily spam jam) . The email will provide the week’s headlines with excerpts in link form. If the post is interesting, click it and you’ll be brought to the article. If not, you can just move on.

SOCIAL LINKS: The Facebook, Google and Digg links are active so feel free to use them. A quick note though, not all articles are posted on the social link pages, so if you develop into a Citizen-junkie, you may want to use the Email or RSS services.