I consider myself a typical American. I value my family, friends and personal integrity. I enjoy a cold beer on a hot day — OK, several. I’ll put some money on a pony now and then, too. I feel that America, as outlined by the Constitution, represents the greatest concept of government that humanity has conceived.

However, this sound-bite based, PC, half-truth environment that our leaders, unions and special interest groups have fostered is a fallacy and a farce. It is mocking those that gave their lives for this country, insulting the citizenry and ripping this country apart. There’s a lot of muck, it’s piled high and it’s stinking up the place.

I question government’s intent on all levels and doubt its competency with all enterprises. I believe small government is good government. I just can’t decide whether it should be small or infinitesimal. As a result, I’ve been labeled “to the right of conservative transcendentalism”. Interestingly, I’m comfortable with that.

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