This site is not a traditional news site like FOX, ABC or CNN. Rather, it is a site built upon columns of opinion and commentary. Although you are not going to get a regular dose of “breaking” news here, national current events do feature prominently within many of the pieces.

Admittedly, you will find all the columns have a conservative slant. This is not because I am filled with hate, or because I am racist or a Bible thumping, illiterate red-neck. On the contrary, I was born, raised and educated in Massachusetts and currently reside in one of the most liberal states in the country.

I simply disagree with the vast majority of Liberal and Democratic political philosophy. I don’t believe entitlement programs are beneficial to society, rather they perpetuate poverty. I don’t believe in “nanny-state” policy, I believe in personal accountability. I believe social-justice and utopia are myths, if not outright lies, promoted and perpetuated by those with a “ruling” agenda and to pursue them through government policy is folly.

Yet, I believe in law and order. I also believe there is a place for government regulation. But Democrats and select Republicans have, for too long, exploited these concepts and turned the greatest conceptual structure for government in the history of human-kind, into a cumbersome and inefficient bureaucracy that is much better at perpetuating itself than it is promoting freedom and liberty.

The slant comes from my core, as I am conservative.