About This Site


Recently, I changed the concept of this blog. Originally, the site was built exclusively upon opinion and commentary related to American political news. However, deeply troubling developments over the past year (NDAA 2012, H.R. 347, S. 679, Obama’s outrageous executive orders, a fraudulent election, political murders, false flag operations, etc.) has made it clear that the shadow government is accelerating initiatives to do catastrophic harm to America.

As a result, this site will now bring alternative news and perspectives about important current events that are not presented to the American citizens by the propaganda press. Much of this content will be related to the fight against globalists, their NWO agenda and the restoration of a constitutional America.

Unfortunately, we are living through this transition now. Democrats and Republicans represent big business/banking interests, not the American people. Thus, Republicans and Democrats are actually two-sides of the same coin. It is the entire coin — the entire political picture — that must be examined. This reality requires that citizens question government’s intent regarding all things and doubt its competency in all enterprises.

Government is not the answer. Do not trust it as it will turn on the people. Throughout the ages, it always has and it always will. This is the nature of government.

Am I anti-government? No. I am anti- corrupt government. The ruling elite are systematically turning the greatest conceptual structure for government in the history of human-kind, into a police state that is designed to perpetuate their power not promote freedom and liberty for its citizens. The slant of the site is an attempt to push through the propaganda and myths relating to what is happening in America.



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