Dec 202012

West Virgina Senator Jay Rockefeller went public the other day issuing a statement calling for — surprise — more gun control.

“I voted for the assault weapons ban in 1994, which also included a ban of high capacity clips, and it’s unacceptable that it hasn’t been reauthorized…We need to pass a bill that will again prohibit such weapons.”

This posture should come as no surprise from the NWO family-tree member. Removing the weapons of the American people has been a long-term goal since the banksters were able to take over the government’s financial structure. After all, an unarmed public is much easier to dominate. And as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about some over zealous patriot filling you and yours with lead.

But the card-carrying member of the banking cabal went further in his statement, calling for increased government spending (translation-taxes) for mental health.

“Today, Medicaid is the largest payer of mental health services in the U.S. Unfortunately, as both state and federal budget cuts have mounted nationwide, both inpatient and community services for children and adults living with serious mental illness have been downsized or eliminated. We must fix that…there is an incredible shortage of mental health providers across the country.”

Notice he doesn’t say that services have been cut because America is broke. Perhaps if we didn’t have to pay his family vast sums of money each month, America might be able to afford helping the mentally ill.

Here’s an idea Jay-Rock: why don’t you and uncle Davey pony up some of the hundreds of billions of dollars you make by keeping the world tied to oil and permanantly fund a national facility. That way, when you fill these poor souls full of your dangerous psychotropic drugs and they snap, we know who to blame. Oh, that’s right, you have already done that. It’s called the U.S. Public School system.

See Jay-Rock’s Full Statement


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