May 012012

Looking to make a splash and build on momentum from a recent Sarah Palin endorsement, Indiana candidate Richard Mourdock gave Breitbart News an interview. Mourdock, far from a household name, is Indiana’s Treasurer and looking to knock off 36-year senate veteran, Richard Lugar, in the Indiana Republican primary next week.

When asked about the accusation that he is risking a long held Republican seat by challenging Lugar, a charge no doubt promoted by the Republican establishment, Mourdock threw conservatives some red meat.

First of all, are we looking just to hold office to maintain the status quo? If I wanted to see Washington, D.C. hold the status quo I wouldn’t be doing this. By trying to make deals with the Democrats, we’ve only lost ground. Reid has demonstrated he’s not going to make deals, he’s not going to abolish ObamaCare or repeal Dodd-Frank. The idea that somehow we have these experienced statesmen that are going to negotiate this truce with the Democrats is just not true. I want to make the arguments to the unfriendly crowds because we’re going to make some converts. I want people to know we have an option; it’s called conservatism and yeah, it works. So, bring it, bring it. I’m ready–we’re ready.

And then he added a little dessert.

Why am I the more conservative candidate? The last ten years–Senator Lugar believes government is the answer to every problem, [and] I believe it’s the source of every problem.

Hopefully Indiana voters read BreitbartNews.

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