Dec 112012

Israel fell into a carefully laid trap today by refusing to allow inspections of its weapons of mass destruction facilities. This has opened the door for the only possible response. It is sanction time for the Israelis. Let them reap what they have sown. And let us do what we must do.

If the shoe were on the other foot, the Zios would be screaming to have the facilities bombed, but we won’t do that. The WMD contamination would be a disaster. Even conventional weapons landing just on their nuclear waste sites would create a catastrophe for anyone down wind. It’s the cheap way of making a conventional warhead go nuclear, using the target’s own waste material.

Netanyahu played his role as expected. Straight out of the Talmud, his coalition does not accept demands from the non-Jewish sub-humans. He will bet the farm on the Jewish Lobbies in the main Western countries, that they can bully their host country legislatures to do their bidding. They have a long track record.

In America this is a bipartisan campaign. The Senate Democrats and Republicans passed the new Iran sanctions bill, drafted by Israeli intelligence operatives as usual.

Canada, which is the Mossad’s western hemisphere base, will rubber stamp anything coming out of Tel Aviv. She has slid a long way down the humanity scale since WWII, when their great PM Mackenzie King refused to sign onto a post war plan to ‘depopulate Germany.’

The other Allied leaders wanted to kill off 20 million men, women and children through starvation. Their goal was removing Germany’s need to be an export competitor to earn the needed foreign exchange to buy the food for its population.

When the plan was leaked to a shocked world, the villains pretended it had only been a working paper, when it had actually been a signed mass murder document. Where are the Mackenzie Kings of our day when we need them? Was the Palestinian UN vote a hint that some are coming out of incubation?

This post-war planned crime against humanity, against a defenseless people, was of course never prosecuted. To add to this shame the victor’s court historians have ignored it all these years. Real historians like David Irving were attacked for printing the forbidden truth and made examples of to cower the rest of the sheep. And yes, Jewish lobbies had their fingerprints all over the dirty deed.

But the Israelis have huge amounts of blackmail material collected over decades on most Western leaders and legislators. They certainly will not hesitate to use this to stop any sanctions effort. There will have to be a grass roots effort to clean house. All those who have aided and abetted in Israel’s crimes will need to be sanctioned, also.

There is no point to taking out a repressive leader and leaving the repressive infrastructure in place.

A new leader will be found in a day to carry on the former work. But we do have a template to use on Israel from WWII, the Japanese one.

Israel must not only be de-nuclearized but de-militarized just like Japan was, and for similar reasons. Both wanted growing space, and used their military power to get it. Japan’s target was Asia. For Israel it is every country on the planet.

To militant Israelis we non-Jews are just two-legged farm animals. As their chief rabbi publicly declared, the rest of us are here to serve Jews. The Likud party people really like that part and they are big fans of the rabbi.

Israel has mounted offensive espionage operations across the entire world. The Palestinian UN vote showed that not even the tiny Micronesia countries, including the make-believe ones under water, escaped their targeting for control and dependable UN voting.

Can Israelis actually do this with just their resources in Israel? Of course not. Israeli 5th columns operate everywhere. They are used as a human shield of sorts to deflect any mention of disloyalty as based on anti-Semitism only.

It is an open secret in the Intel community that no Western country will prosecute any Israeli espionage. This is a breach of all of their leadership oaths to defend their country. Of course those countries that reject domination, and do defend their people from the Zios, are considered threats.

So we have the incredible irony of those who sat in judgment at Nuremberg, and hanged people for ‘waging an aggressive war,’ are now breaching their own precedent and demanding immunity out of the barrel of a gun. They dishonor the deaths of all those who lost their live in that conflict. They stain Western civilization and jurisprudence by betraying it. (Continued)

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