Dec 192012

We are being played, folks.

About a month after the Senate passed Dianne Feistein’s provision to require Congressional approval to hold American citizens, Sen. Carl Levin, who holds dual citizenship both here and in Israel, cut it out of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

Recall the closet-Zionist Levin, authored the 2012 NDAA with Sen. Joe Lieberman, also a dual American-Israeli citizen. And here’s the real trick, Dianne Feinstein has dual citizenship, too.

Do you see the game? The new provision was never going to be placed within the 2013 NDAA. It was composed and passed as a show only — to cool the heat members of Congress have been feeling since passing the horrifying 2012 version. All along, the congressional crooks knew, after the propaganda press worked over the American sheeple, Levin and his committee were there to tear it out.

Crusaders, how much more proof do you need before you will admit the “American police state” is being made in the image of Israel?

Yes, Israel is a police state. Israel arrests Palestinian journalists regularly. It black-lists radio hosts or shuts down shows. It denies services like electricity, water,  healthcare and refuse removal. And because of this, folks in Israel are getting out while they can.

Stephen Lendman, at Opednews writes, “In 2005, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics said 650,000 Israelis away for over a year haven’t returned…A 2008 Menachem Begin Heritage Center survey showed 59% of Israelis consider leaving by inquiring about foreign citizenship and second passports.”

These folks are running for the exits, according to Lendman, “because social injustice is official policy. So is state terror. Israel’s a regional menace, a belligerent modern-day Sparta, a rogue pariah endangering its own people like others.”

The problem with this exodus is that as moderates leave what remains behind is the ideologically committed who, as fanatics, just stomp on dissent and attack free expression with even more enthusiasm.

It is so bad that B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, issued a statement last year, “We members of Israeli civil society express our solidarity with the activists and organizations who have been subjected to threats and acts of violence. These acts are intended to intimidate us all and silence our voices.”

Here in the states we have the Patriot Act with illegal eavesdropping and warrant-less searches. Veterans and citizens have been labeled threats to the government. We also have indefinite detention and Obama’s recently required private sector spying. Ask yourself, just how close should America really be to Israel?

Regarding the 2013 NDAA, from Politico,

A Congressional conference committee has dropped a provision the Senate passed earlier this year which proponents said would keep American citizens arrested on U.S. soil from being detained indefinitely under the laws of war.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) announced the removal of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s indefinite detention amendment Tuesday afternoon as he described the results of a House-Senate conference on the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

“The language of the Senate bill was dropped,” Levin told reporters, according to POLITICO Pro’s Juana Summers. He said that provision and language the House proposed was replaced with language that indicates that last year’s NDAA shouldn’t be interpreted to preclude Habeas Corpus suits by persons detained in the U.S.

Levin declined to comment on the reasons for or the import of the decision. “Basically, I won’t interpret that any further,” he added.

Levin and some other senators had argued that the amendment Feinstein put forward to require explicit Congressional authorization for any detention of Americans on U.S. soil would have no real effect because courts had interpreted Congress’s 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force as granting authority for detention. However, notwithstanding Levin’s position, the AUMF does not explicitly grant that authority.

Feinstein’s amendment passed, 67-29, late last month. The California Democrat said it would keep Americans from being held under the laws of war, unless they were captured overseas. – FULL STORY

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