Jul 232012

Senator Rand Paul says that if Pakistan doesn’t release Dr. Shakil Afridi from jail, the US won’t release cash to Pakistan. Clearly frustrated, Paul took to the airwaves late last week stating he wants Dr. Afridi free, not jailed, for assistance he provided during America’s hunt for Osama bin Laden. Polls have shown the American public is behind Paul on the issue. So are many of his legislative collegues.

“If we can’t get an answer on this, if they’re going to continue to hold this man, I see no reason to send taxpayer money to Pakistan. I have the votes and the ability to force a vote on this issue,” Paul ranted Thursday.

Not long after our military boys filled bin Laden with lead, America realized it had been duped. Pakistan was playing both sides of the fence. They claimed to be hunting bin Laden, using taxpayer cash of course, while in reality, bin Laden was shacked up next to Pakistan’s premier military academy watching HBO, chewing chips and sipping soda. After we turned terrorism’s Big Cheese into swiss, Pakistani officials had to save face with their bin Laden loving, pro-terrorist population, so they tossed the good doctor into the slammer for 33 big ones.

Paul wants him out and is prepared to dangle the great motivator in front of Pakistani officials to make it happen.

“My plan is next week to force a vote on this issue.” Paul said, drawing a line. “The vote will be on ending all aid to Pakistan. Ending the aid until this doctor is freed.”

Paul is right making his demands. We need to do what we can to get the doctor out of there. And everyone knows Pakistan take the cash.

But this whole thing is extremely frustrating, isn’t it? To me, the idea of continuing to fund a lying, two-timing country like Pakistan is just a big steaming pile of it. I’m at the point where I’d entertain a rescue mission to get the doctor out. But the risk to our military folks isn’t worth it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Pakistan give us the doc but then instead of giving them the cash we give them — the bird.

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