May 302012

The problem with federally funded organizations is that they’re federally funded. As such, over time, they tend to evolve into political extensions of the party that funds them. It’s a simple game really. A political party funds an organization. The organization spends that funding on practices, pursuits and politicians that back that political party. When the politicians vote to fund the organization again, the cycle repeats itself.

Planned Parenthood is one of those types of organizations. And, like the playbook demands, it announced it’s endorsement of Obama today. And, also like the playbook demands, it bought advertising in swing states in support of the righteous one — or, more accurately, to attack the non-righteous one.

The ads will run in Florida and Iowa and predictably, cast Romney as an oppressor of females, a terrible man that is intent on eliminating women’s rights and denying them cancer screenings and birth control. It’s the typical left-leaning story-line provided by a typical left-leaning organization relying on typical left-leaning stereo-types. Yawn.

The primary quote the ad is built around, that Romney stated, ‘Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that’ is only a partial truth. It’s taken out of context as Romney was discussing funding, not Planned Parenthood, as in — we’re going to get rid of federal funding — not get rid of the organization itself.

It’s no surprise Planned Parenthood would resort to out of context material, as their entire controversial history is predicated on out of context interpretations and deeply deceptive propaganda.

For a little more on Planned Parenthood read SWEET PEG here.

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