May 022012
bin laden operation

In celebration of about the only thing he and his administration has done for the good for the country, the supreme ruler is taking a victory lap seeking further props for the whacking of Osama bin Laden last year. NBC announced the White House has granted an exclusive interview to Brian Williams, a card-carrying member of the Obama fan club and perhaps the softest interviewer in the news profession, Williams will sit down with the supreme ruler to discuss details of the bin Laden mission. This comes on the heels of Obama chumming up to Hollywood, apparently serving as a consultant for an up and coming film being made about the operation. The film, no doubt liberal propaganda, is set to be released prior to the election.

Putting aside the pathetic attempt to win votes, a question must be asked about whether this type of behavior is in the country’s best interest. The Homeland Security Committee, in particular Chairman Peter King from New York, complained last year that Obama’s consulting was done for nothing more than sheer political gain. And Politico reported that, “in December, the Pentagon’s office of inspector general announced it was launching an investigation into allegations that the filmmakers received access to classified information. A spokesman said Friday the probe is ongoing.”

Exposing classified information is as serious thing, ask Bradley Manning. Just what kind of leader do we have that doesn’t understand this risk? Or worse, doesn’t care about it? These military men and women, and unknown men and women in the future, rely on secrecy to accomplish missions. Is it too much to ask that we have a President that understands this and won’t risk disclosing procedural details that might jeopardize future lives?

But Obama needs to be the man and with hope of driving this point home, his campaign recently put out an ad implying Romney, put in a similar circumstance, may not have green-lit the mission. Really? America hunted bin Laden for a decade and spent billions doing it. The man was responsible for three different attacks on America within the same day, left some 3,000 dead and created extreme national pain. It’s difficult to fathom any president would pass on taking a shot at rubbing him out. It’s just not a credible statement. It certainly doesn’t support that Obama is the only man for the job.

More troublesome perhaps, as we watch Obama pat his own back, is the fact that the war on terror isn’t finished. In fact, the death of bin Laden changed very little with regards to the war on terror. That awkward fact puts a damper on any celebration, no matter how many candles are in the cake.

Already irritated by funding cuts and Obama’s numerous slights, the military is none too pleased with this latest stunt. These men and women are highly trained and deeply committed. They are also extremely disciplined, to the point that very few speak out, but that doesn’t make them morons. They know whose ass is really on the line. Sure, he’ll throw them a bone of recognition here and there for the news cycle but his shallow speeches won’t repair the damage or hide his proven disdain for our men and women in uniform. They are annoyed by the selfish grandstanding. It’s understandable, they wear camouflage, carry guns to work and watch their co-workers get maimed or killed. Obama wears a suit, carries a pen and then has dinner with his daughters. There are few things that demonstrate a lack of character more than an individual that doesn’t value protection others provide to him.

It would be one thing if he tried something like this in, say November, perhaps a week or so before the election. Timed as such there are votes to gain yet little time for dissent. But in May? Seven months before the election gives his opponents plenty of time for quality counter punches. His credibility can be hurt by this, perhaps severely.

Obama abandoned governing long ago. He and his handlers have proven they are a political machine. Everything they do, say or initiate has political intent and purpose. Yet this chess move seems flawed. The outrage from Republicans, political pundits and the military will be loud and it is just starting. So what’s the upside? Face time? He’s got the bully pulpit. He can get in front of the camera at will. Votes? Come on, Obama and his handlers must realize that any voter fooled by such shallow behavior probably doesn’t possess enough dedication to vote if it’s raining on election day. Credibility seems like a lot to risk for such small rewards.


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