Jun 262012

Yesterday SCOTUS upheld the most controversial element of the Arizona law to fight illegals. That is, law enforcement is required, based upon reasonable cause, to inquire about an individual’s immigration status. The left will certainly claim this will lead to profiling. What doesn’t? But the spirit of the Arizona law is clear. If, for some prior reason, say a traffic violation, law enforcement is already engaged with an individual, and there is reasonable cause to believe there may be a citizenship issue, then law enforcement is required to verify citizenship. The court said that’s all right. The problem is, our supreme ruler says it’s not.

Within hours of the court’s ruling, Obama told Homeland Security to retract the 287-G agreement with Arizona. That agreement allows local law enforcement to act as partners with the Feds for immigration action. The announcement of the separation agreement was so punctual in fact, that clearly the supreme ruler and his imperial storm troopers had previously plotted several courses of action — to cover any case ruling.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said it effectively means Obama told Arizona to “drop dead. You’re on your own.”

For all intent and purposes, she’s correct. Arizona now finds itself in an odd situation. It has a law on the books that requires local law enforcement to explore citizenship status in particular situations. If they stumble upon one however, with their partnership authority retracted thanks to the supreme ruler, there’s not too much they can do. Perhaps they can haul the suspects to Washington and drop them off at the White House.

Hostility between Arizona and Washington or more specifically, between Brewer and the supreme ruler is high. Retracting the 287-g agreement is clearly payback for Brewer’s finger-pointing episode and for the headaches she has caused Obama. It also clearly shows that the supreme ruler is vindictive, small and petty. Oh, and as gravy, after they retracted the partnership arrangement, the Feds installed a toll-free hotline — you know, for harassment complaints. Take that, Jan.

We are all immigrants to some degree or another. Legal immigration is a good thing. Legal immigration that is well defined, organized and efficient is a better thing. As leader of the country, ignoring the pleas of a state in turmoil is not a good thing. Sticking it to them is worse. Arizona’s law mimics Federal law. They put it in place because Arizona is threatened, residents have been hurt and the Feds refuse to help. Obama has once again demonstrated poor leadership from a man sworn to protect America.

The left, apparently because they think all illegals are just harmless Mexican peasants, applauds loudly. They claim this is a good thing. But suppose hidden among the peasants there are drug lords, career criminals or terrorists. Will the left feel the same way after an American family is massacred? Will they still consider Obama’s decisions worthy of praise and applause after an explosion? The supreme ruler is intentionally exposing Americans to harm because he feels he needs the Hispanic vote. His decision shows he cares little about the American citizen. Obviously, he cares even less for Arizona and its’ residents.

Obama is supposed to be this wonderfully gifted man. The Left raves endlessly about his tactical political moves. But in their celebrations they seem to be missing something that is very obvious to the rest of us. Obama’s utter contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law, and his obscene disregard for American citizens will not be forgotten come November.

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