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Mar 272012
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Obama has gas problems. Yet, if you listen to the supreme ruler, and I’m not sure that is good advice, he is doing everything he can to increase domestic oil production and thereby decrease the price of gasoline. He’s been on an oil tycoon tour for the past week or so, setting up the teleprompter at refineries to tell America what an oil-loving guy he is. Of course, like gas, this is a lot of hot air.

Four years in the public spotlight and three years into his reign there is now a track record of philosophies, outlooks and policy decisions to consider. When the bigger picture is examined it’s becomes clear Obama should rightfully take some heat for the current gas problem.

Addressing pain at the pump as a candidate back in 2008, Obama dismissed drilling. In a speech carried on CNN, he states that to combat gas prices he will raise taxes on the big bad oil companies. My question is, and perhaps a lefty can clarify this for me, how exactly does raising taxes on oil companies lower gas prices? Clearly, if you spank a company in the form of taxes now, the company will raise the product price later to off-set the loss. That’s how it works. That’s exactly the point of the cliche “corporations don’t pay taxes.”

On May 30, 2010, after the BP spill, Obama instituted his infamous six-month moratorium on drilling. The Heritage Foundation wrote in December, 2010, “After two federal courts said the moratorium was illegal, the Obama administration instead moved to a de facto moratorium, by issuing no permits…”

So, Obama concedes we have an oil issue in 2008, yet issues a moratorium on drilling that reduces oil flow. Further, when that moratorium turns out to be illegal, rather than acquiescing he instead insists on stopping drilling by placing a moratorium on the permit process. A year later, by the way, gas was $1 more per gallon. Gas has, to date, more than doubled since Obama took office.

On February 5, 2009, Obama canceled 77 oil exploration leases in Utah previously approved by the Bush administration. If you can’t find it, you can’t drill it.

A year ago, on March 15, 2011, the American Petroleum Institute publicly criticized the administration for creating new environmental obstacles to a pipeline that had already been studied for some 32 months by 10 agencies. Can you say Keystone?

We all know the arguments for and against the pipeline. They revolve around oil, jobs and the environment. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, the reality is Obama ruled against it. So candidate Obama in 2008 concedes we have an oil issue but publicly states during his campaign he won’t open more drilling. As President, he issued a moratorium on drilling permits further retarding the flow of oil. And then he rejects the Keystone pipeline.

Yet, from the bully-pulpit he shouts he’s doing everything he can. But the Washington Times, on March 16, 2012, reported

Countering President Obama’s claim that he’s doing everything he can to increase domestic oil production, a top House Republican Thursday released data from the Energy Department showing that fossil fuel production on federal lands has fallen since Mr. Obama took office…production on federal lands has dropped 7 percent since 2009 and… From 2010 to 2011, total oil production on federal lands is down 14 percent and gas production dropped 11 percent.

How can production on federal lands be going down if Obama is doing everything he can to increase domestic oil production? To hear him, Democrats or the media tell the tale, it’s not his fault. It must be price gouging by companies or the result of previous Bush policies. It must be turmoil in the middle east. It must be earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and himicanes. But as his poll numbers drop, Obama knows excuses are getting old.

In Cushing, OK recently, using logic only a liberal can understand, Obama switched the story again and claims our problem is too much oil. Now, truth be told, oil production is up  on private and state lands, of which, he gets zero props. And as for having too much oil? Please. Another key development is new extraction technologies, something Obama has as much claim to as you do. Notice, too, how the supreme ruler and liberals are loathe to praise this technological development but instead, hide it from the public or worse, demonize these companies.

The reality is, the supreme ruler is a fossil fuel hater and everything he has done, save his golf outings, has negatively effected coal, oil or gas in some way. His energy policies are, by design, meant to cripple the fossil fuel industries. Let’s skip discussing the fact that he tried to get cap-and-trade passed. Steven Chu, Obama’s energy secretary, admitted he wants gas to be somewhere in the range of $8 per gallon, for goodness sake.

Prices at the pump are moving into that scary range where American’s will start changing their spending habits for lack of discretionary cash. This will negatively effect the economic recovery and worse, from Obama’s perspective, it will negatively effect his re-election chances. Hence, his oil tycoon tour called Blame the World.

It is true that not all of this turmoil is Obama’s fault. But the fact is, more than any other single person, anywhere in the world, Obama owns responsibility for these gas prices. It’s clear that before being elected Obama decided that, regarding the gas pump, he would make America pay. What remains to be seen is whether, come November, the America people will make him pay.

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