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May 242012
US President Barack Obama winks as he te

Not long after the assassination of Osama bin Laden, Hollywood approached the White House for access to the story. It’s understandable, Hollywood loves Barack Obama. And Barack Obama loves — well, Barack Obama. So he was game. He granted permission and the propaganda film spinning the bin Laden assassination into an epic tale of Obama’s personal courage and daring is set for release near election-time.

Of course, it’s totally uncouth to release bin Laden death photos to prove to the public he is actually dead, but if Hollywood wants to glorify the supreme ruler and just needs some operational details, hey, what’s the big deal? Well, national security for starters.

It’s often denied by the left, but the reality is there are people out there that are committed to hurting America and its’ citizens. Intelligence operations, personnel and mission details are kept classified for a reason. But when you’re down in the polls in an election year, to hell with secrets. It’s all about your face-time. So you jump on TV and announce military withdrawal dates or in this case, you expose operational details regarding the killing of bin Laden. The problem with this behavior is obvious. If you show your hand, your enemies know what cards you’re playing. Imagine a Superbowl where one football coach told the other what plays his team was going to run. Which team would you bet on? Imagine a business that gave away years of research and development details to their competition. Would you buy their stock?

So, when the access-Hollywood news reached downtown lawmakers, the wisdom of the decision was immediately called into question. In fact, as early as August 2011, an important guy with an important title, Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, fired off letters to the inspectors general of the Pentagon and CIA expressing deep concern that film folks had been given “top-level access to the most classified mission in history.”

Further, and it’s painful to contemplate, names of people involved in the bin Laden operation were apparently exposed. Foxnews.com reports that King mentioned in those letters that, “leaks of classified information related to the bin Laden raid had already resulted in the arrests of Pakistanis believed by Pakistan authorities to have assisted the CIA.”

And that brings us to Dr. Shakil Afridi. He is a Pakistani. He also helped the CIA locate Osama bin Laden. He made the New York Times yesterday because he was sentenced to 33 years in jail for treason.

The administration immediately denied he was a spy, claiming the doctor was asked “only to help locate Al Qaeda terrorists, who threaten Pakistan and the U.S. He helped save Pakistani and American lives,” according to the Times. This may well be true but it does not address the real issue. At the heart of the matter is — who outed him?

Treason is a serious charge and usually leads to a death sentence. This is exactly why mission details and most importantly, personnel involved with missions, are kept secret. Luckily for the doctor, as the Times points out, he was “charged under a British-era regulation for frontier crimes that, unlike the national criminal code, does not carry the death penalty for treason.” However, while in custody he probably had to endure some form of mistreatment or torture. And make no mistake, a noose could have just as easily been his fate.

So how did his name and his cooperation with the CIA become public? It seems, based upon the August 2011 letters from King, that the intelligence community knew at that time some folks were exposed. If true, at least circumstantially, it appears the Obama administration’s loose lips in pursuit of celluloid fame, has landed an ally to America in the slammer.

All of this leads to a series of ugly questions that must be asked. We already know Obama isn’t savvy enough to avoid providing our enemies time-lines for our troop withdrawals but is he really such a rank amateur not to understand that military and intelligence secrets are kept to protect the lives of people? To hear the left tell it, Obama is the greatest mind since  Karl Marx. If so, then clearly he understands this. And if that’s true then how are we do reconcile this? Is he so obsessed with himself that he would intentionally allow other people’s lives to be put at risk to satisfy his narcissism? Or for an election? Or a Hollywood-worship film?

Obama supporters will dismiss all of this. They will go public claiming no security was breached, that nothing substantial was put out in the open. Yet we have a letter dated in August 2011 stating officials were aware then that folks had in fact, been exposed and arrested. And there is the inconvenient detail of the doctor’s 33 year jail sentence. Ultimately, until more details emerge people will think what they want to think. And that introduces another concern. How is the rest of the world perceiving this?

The supreme ruler has already been accused, just last month, of leaking Israel’s military plans against Iran’s nuclear facilities for political gain. Has America’s reputation, already under intense scrutiny, been further eroded? Has future cooperation from individuals, organizations or countries been jeopardized because America can’t keep her mouth shut? After all, why would you help America catch a terrorist if ultimately, you’re going to catch a bullet?

The fight against those that will do America harm is ongoing and secrets in the name of national security cannot be taken lightly — unless you’re the chosen one. Then, because it’s all about you and not the country you view secrets differently. Because it’s about your ego and not the grunts on the ground dodging lead, you find secrets inconvenient. To you, secrets don’t protect people, they are an irritant to be tossed aside because they hide your greatness and impede your personal glorification. Secrets, who needs them?

Let’s ask the doctor.

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