Mar 012012

I was lucky enough to witness the long-awaited Sheriff Arpaio press conference today and the adrenaline is still surging. In it, the Sheriff made it clear that his investigators have concluded that the long form birth certificate of President Obama, posted on the White House website, is indeed manufactured. It was stunning. And it was convincing.

Aided by a lengthy video presentation, the investigators left no doubt as to why they have concluded the certificate is fraudulent. Much of the evidence I outlined for you in my earlier column Obama’s Birther Issues, which included a “layered” document, miss-matching inks, miss-matching numbers and so on. In fact, at one point, the narration stated the inconsistencies and flaws within the birth certificate are “too problematic” to be covered in one press conference.

After drawing attention to the fact that the date stamp and registrar’s stamp on the birth certificate can be manipulated, in essence, by click and drag, the narration concluded, “…for if the date stamp and registrar’s stamp, which are placed on the document to give it authenticity, are fraudulent, then the document is fraudulent.”

In new developments, investigators also found inconsistencies with Obama’s selective service registration card and referenced their concern that records from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, requested as part of the investigation, were missing. These records document the identities of individuals entering the U.S. on international flights from foreign countries. Mysteriously, only the records for the period between August 1-7, 1961 were missing, while all other time periods remained intact. Hm mmm.

The investigators emphasized, several times, that although they are concluding the birth certificate is fraudulent, they are not implying, nor are they stating, that Barack Obama was directly involved. In fact, they made reference to knowing a “person of interest”.

When the presentation concluded and they moved for questions, minor mayhem developed. Some reporters, either too shocked to maintain their objectivity, or just left-leaning agenda-pushers, clearly attempted to claim the Sheriff’s findings were part of an anti-Obama crusade. Others tried to push forth fictitious conclusions that had not been presented by the investigators. At one point, after the Sheriff put it to an over-zealous reporter, many in the audience applauded his effort to shut the guy up.

There is no question in my mind the birth certificate is manufactured. None. I agree with the Sheriff’s department, however; that does not mean Barack Obama was directly involved. But his supporters are. I also feel, based upon the evidence presented, Obama’s selective service card is highly likely to be a forgery, too.

It is clear this will either be down-played, distorted or disregarded by most lefties and their media brethren and finding the truth to this story is going to be an up-hill battle. But, I get the feeling there is more to come.

A final note, in a very creepy moment, we were informed that Andrew Breitbart, who died this morning, had a telephone interview a few days ago, with an investigative reporter close to the case.

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