Jun 272012

Holder has a long history of gun control advocacy. Addressing the Women’s National Democratic Club, Holder stated of gun control, “We just have to be repetitive about this. It’s not enough to have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday. We have to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

Obama, for political survival claims to support for the 2nd Amendment. Yet, he supports the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). What’s that? It’s an international treaty — currently being negotiated — that will “impose massive restrictions on U.S. gun rights.” These would include mandatory registration and licenses for firearms, banning of certain firearms, and — in a classic left tactic — would re-define manufacturing so adding accessories to a gun, say a scope, would require the owner to obtain a “manufacturing license”.

So, if you’re a “bitter” American that “clings to guns or religion”, do yourself a favor, and don’t believe the supreme ruler when he’s says he’s supports your right to own a gun. It’s rubbish.

Considering this, is it so outrageous to think the supreme ruler and the top cop hatched a secret scheme to boost gun control? The plan isn’t complicated. Simply flood Mexico with guns and as the bodies pile up, you pile on the anti-gun rhetoric.

In December 2011, Sharyl Attkisson for CBS obtained documents showing the ATF discussed using the covert operation “Fast and Furious” to argue for controversial new rules about gun sales. She wrote, “ATF officials didn’t intend to publicly disclose their own role in letting Mexican cartels obtain the weapons, but emails show they discussed using the sales…to justify a new gun regulation called ‘Demand Letter 3′.” Ms. Attkisson made note that the Justice Department, ATF and specific individuals in her story wouldn’t comment.

Demand Letter 3 would require some 8,500 firearms dealers to report gun sales to the government. It was to apply to four southwest states: Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. Interesting that all these states border Mexico, isn’t it?

Well, it’s no surprise that on April 25, 2011, ATF announced plans to implement Demand Letter 3 saying it was needed because they had reasonably targeted guns used most often to “commit violent crimes in Mexico, especially by drug gangs.”

So, the ATF kicks in a reporting requirement for American gun dealers based upon their observation that Mexico has huge amounts of high powered American arms. Convenient, yes? The problem is, it’s an illegal attempt to enforce a gun control requirement that Congress never passed.

But, the supreme ruler walks the tight-rope of law like he was trained by the Wallenda family. He feels the Constitution is an irritant and he will distort it, stomp on it or ignore it when he sees fit. Is it really so outrageous to think he and other hard-left liberals would pull a stunt like this to further their ideology? If there’s nothing to this then why the doc-lock?

And here’s another thing to keep in mind. Obama and his people have demonstrated beyond all doubt that they are all politics, all the time. Every chess move Obama makes is with larger political goals and objectives in mind. The left loves him for this. He’s the anointed one. They get tingles running up their legs and their eyes glaze over at the mere thought of Obama’s political prowess.

If he’s really that good, then clearly, he and his imperial wizards could conceive of a simple scheme to flood Mexico with guns and make a case for gun control. Better yet, don’t tell Mexico’s president and eventually he’ll complain. An international complaint just supports your case.

Heck, if you were real good — if you thought you were a world-class political tactician, you could also go soft on border security. That way, you win twice. You pick up support for being an open border guy and, if you get lucky and  the guns make their way back into the states, you can scream they’re an immediate threat to whip up support. Maybe you could even issue some sort of gun control Executive Order. Ultimately, if things unraveled, you could just claim ‘executive privilege’.

You could try this — if you thought you were a world-class political tactician.


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