Jun 272012

Was Fast and Furious a gun control political initiative? The operation was designed to take down top Mexican drug cartel members. To accomplish this, our government asked American gun shop owners to sell weapons to low-ranking gang members and/or other straw-purchasers. Once the transaction was completed all the ATF had to do was follow the guns and then bust the bad guys. At least, that’s what Obama, Holder and all gun-hating liberals want you to think. Turns out, what really occurred was a wee bit different.

Between 2009 and 2011, some 2,000 guns were bought. During this time, as the operation progressed, shop owners and several ATF agents on the front lines started to express concerns about the validity of the program. Why were they gun shy? Well, the results just weren’t there. For some reason, step #2 of the operation — following the guns to the big fish — just wasn’t happening.

Remember, these are drug guys that play for keeps. They aren’t buying pocketbook pistols or collector pieces. They want assault rifles that mean business. Sure, we arrested some of the errand-boys. But most would agree, selling thousands of guns so you can bust a few gum-chewing teenagers just isn’t the stuff of legendary law enforcement. In fact, as of October 2011, multiple years into the operation, no major cartel leaders had been brought down.

Well, time ticked by. One month slipped into another. Agents here and there moaned and groaned about the operation’s inefficiency but the cash registers kept ringing and Mexicans kept dying. To date, some 300 Mexican deaths have been tied to Fast and Furious guns.

And then in mid-December 2010, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, during a shootout in Arizona, was shot and killed. When the weapon used against Agent Terry was discovered to be a Fast and Furious gun, the reaction was fast and furious.

The story briefly made national headlines — the death of Agent Terry, not the Fast and Furious operation. But the minimal headlines were enough. Whistle blowers came forward. Even when the left-leaning media abandoned the story, those on the right demanded answers to basic questions.

And then in February 2011, just two months after Agent Terry was killed, ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata was gunned down in Mexico by someone using another Fast and Furious gun.

How did this happen? Holder, America’s top cop, said he knew nothing about Fast and Furious. Who authorized the government to allow illegal gun sales? Obama said he didn’t know anything about it. Who was in charge then? Why weren’t the guns followed? Who came up with the idea? The supreme ruler and the top cop again claimed ignorance.

Remember, there are two Americans dead. There are some 300 Mexicans dead. There are ATF agents crying foul and gun shop owners claiming they were asked to sell the guns. Somebody, somewhere knows something.

At this point, and it’s understandable, Republican Darrell Issa and his House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform had to get involved. The investigation starts. Over time, as the months pass, there are some employee transfers and resignations and people refusing to testify. Most importantly, the top cop is caught in a couple lies, pardon me, miss-statements — about not knowing anything and then knowing something but not until such and such a time. Issa wants documents. The top cop says he sent them. Issa says he didn’t send the correct ones, the top cop says sorry, and so on and so forth.

After some 18 months pass, Issa, now grinding his teeth, tells the top cop, produce the docs or we’re going to hold you in contempt of Congress. Democrats, knowing Holder is now out of time, hit the airwaves in mass claiming the investigation is a witch hunt, it’s a political ploy in an election year and, just yesterday, that it is a racially motivated attack against Holder because he’s black. But, Democrats also know there is more to this than election year politics.

Meanwhile, our top cop runs to the supreme ruler and says, ‘hey, my ass is in it here’. The supreme ruler invokes executive privilege so Holder doesn’t have to hand over the docs. What is the significance of the documents? Why, if it was just an operation gone bad, did Holder withhold documents for over a year? Why, now, on the eve of a contempt vote does the supreme ruler step in and claim executive privilege? Why the doc-lock?

And that brings us to the 2nd Amendment and the twisted need for liberals to have gun control. (Continued)

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