Jun 112012

Last Thursday morning, while you and I sat at our desks and the unemployed sat in line, rather than governing, Barack Obama met with Hollywood youngsters in a hush-hush meeting.

Demonstrating yet again how transparent his administration is, Obama kept the meeting secret from the press pool. Twitchy.com reported Friday, “This private meeting yesterday morning was apparently more than private; it was secret. The White House failed to inform the press and they were kept outside in vans.”

But why keep it a secret? Embarrassment perhaps? After all, the guy is chasing the glitter-based, heart-throb vote because no sane 30-something or older will vote for him. That’s a little humiliating, yes?

But maybe there’s a different reason. Perhaps, knowing his political career is over in November, he’s making connections to move from the White House to a film house. But can he act? We know he can’t play the role of president.

Alas, we’ll probably never know why he tried to keep it a secret. But, like operation Olympic Games, it’s out now.

And isn’t this all just a wee bit disgraceful? I mean, throwing a glitzy fund-raiser with 100′s of Hollywood hot-shots is one thing. But meeting secretly with tinsel-town teeny boppers is something completely different, isn’t it? It just doesn’t smell right. It seems to reek of immaturity, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder if this guy has J-14 posters on his walls.

This is supposedly the most powerful man in the world. Isn’t the office he holds supposed to carry an air of prestige and honor with it? Yet he exposes secret operatives, blabs about secret operations and now this. Is a foreign leader really supposed to take this guy seriously? How low is he going to go? Is there any shred of dignity left to the presidential office?

Anyway, I guess all is well because the kids had a wonderful breakfast courtesy of the supreme ruler and his easy-bake kitchen set.

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