Jun 112012

Obama announced Friday the private sector in America is doing fine. Really, in what universe? Come on, does he take us for fools? I don’t know about Pennsylvania Avenue, but I still see abandoned homes in my neighborhood. I still see vacant retail space littered up and down my town’s main street.

The private sector is fine? Barack, my man, we just had a jobs report last week — hardly a long time ago — that indicated the ‘fine’ economy generated just 68,000 jobs. There’s approximately 23 million Americans sitting at unemployment. And another 2.4 million sitting at home because they stopped searching for work in this fine economy. For goodness sake, man, in March, there was 46 million citizens on food stamps. And, by the way, that’s a 45% increase since you raised your right hand. Currently, the median income for the middle class is lower than it was during the Clinton years. That’s some 15 years ago. America has had 40 consecutive months of unemployment over 8%. A modern record, by the way, and a fine one at that.

The private sector is doing fine? Tell that to millions of homeowner’s that have lost their home. Tell that to the millions of homeowners that owe more than their house is worth. Better yet, tell that to Standard and Poor’s because they just issued a credit rating downgrade warning.

The private sector is doing fine. Yeah, and you’ll go down as the greatest president in the history of the country. Barack, baby, please put the cuckoo back in the clock, you ridiculous hack.


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