Oct 012012

In an election year filled with dirty deeds, the Obama administration has provided yet another. And if you actually believe Obama is looking out for the best interests of you, your loved ones or the country, you would be hard pressed to prove it using this latest example.

At the heart of matter is the looming budget cuts and the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). The estimated $500 billion in budget cuts scheduled for the turn of the year may force defense contractors to layoff thousands of workers. The WARN Act requires employers to provide workers with a 60-day notice if layoffs of 100 or more employees are possible. Failure to do so exposes the employer to compensatory lawsuits. Because of the high number of workers possibly involved, this could cost a company millions of dollars.

More importantly to Obama, it could cost a politician an election. After all, how would it look to have 6, 8, 10 — who knows how many companies — issuing layoff notices to thousands and thousands of voters just prior to an election that is, at its core, all about jobs? It doesn’t take a scholar to understand the public relations problem.

So on Friday, Obama and his Labor Department issued a MEMO to defense contractors begging them not to send out notices to employees regarding possible layoffs. This follows a similar plea issued during the middle of the summer. As part of their plea, the government promised any company that tows in line — that the government would cover their litigation.

There are two problems with this. The first, a President that is actually encouraging companies to sidestep federal law because of the uncertainty of sequestration, is obviously outrageous. All law abiding voters, regardless of party affiliation, should find this terribly troubling. True, it is no surprise, as the supreme ruler has a track record of picking and choosing which laws he will enforce and which laws he will ignore. But the idea that the President of the United States would publicly encourage this to avoid bad publicity, when he is in fact paid to enforce law and order, is an insult to all Americans.

The second problem here is a little more subtle but just as disturbing. Obama has promised that the government will cover the costs of litigation. But the government has no money and makes no money on its own. So, in effect, Obama has approached these companies and said forget the WARN Act to save my ass before the election, if and when workers file suit for damages, we’ll make the taxpayers cover your costs. The audacity of proposing this rigged game is stunning.

This is a shameful and disgusting proposal cowardly issued on the hush-hush in hopes of avoiding the mass news. It will, of course, because the Left-biased media will ignore the story and most of his dazed and confused worshipers get their news from The View.

But this is more than just election year politics. Similar to Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” statement, this plea demonstrates a bent and twisted outlook. Obama sees Americans as a way to raise money so he can purchase what he wants — more government. Citizens are merely resources to be exploited by those within government to perpetuate government as they see fit — to hell with ideals and law and order. There is no love for country or respect for the citizenry displayed here. There is no love for freedom. The only love on display here is for government.

By issuing this proposal, Obama has demonstrated to those that pay attention, he is not about American ideals or the betterment of the American citizen. He is all about government. Worse, he possesses such a lust for power that he will actually encourage all this in hopes that it will keep him on the throne. And then make you pay for it.

Rationalize it as you may, but the reality is a power-hungry candidate with a deep obsession for government control is not a quality choice for the office of President of the United States. And never will be.

UPDATE 10/3/12 — Lockheed Martin, a large employer in the swing-state of Virginia, has announced it will not send out required WARN Act notices. This announcement was made after Obama promised that taxpayers would pay the bill for any litigation. Go figure.

See memo: Here  /  See Inquiry letter from Senators: Here

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  2 Responses to “Obama Begs Companies To Skip Notices And Promises Taxpayers Will Pay For Lawsuits”

  1. Using quotes implies that the words in quotes were directly spoken by the person being quoted. Can you please provide me the source where Obama said the following statement in your article?

    “Obama has approached these companies and said ‘break the law to save my ass before the election, when workers file suit for damages, we’ll make the taxpayers cover your costs.’”

    If this is not a direct quote, this is false information and potentially slander, which holds you legally responsible if one were to press charges.

    • Actually, the sentence reads…So, in effect, Obama has approached these companies, etc. The quotes were used for emphasis but they have been removed as emphasis is not needed. Thanks.

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