Nov 302012

The supreme ruler and his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have let it be known they are receptive to the idea of allowing media conglomerates to own newspapers along with television and radio stations within the country’s top media markets.

Why is this important news?

This is a concern because our mainstream media is already heavily biased and is in fact, a propaganda press. It is estimated that about 90% of the news to which you are exposed come from just six sources. Allow one media giant to control a market and the people in that market will get only one message. That’s not a good situation.

Bush tried this twice in 2003 and 2007. Surprised? Don’t be. This is not about Right or Left. It is about control and power. Control where, when and what the peasants hear for news and you control their reality. It is that simple.

But why would Obama support this? After all, he is the king of regulation nation. Additionally, reports that, “Before moving to the White House, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, while serving in the U.S. Senate, opposed FCC rules permitting media giants to control newspapers, TV and radio all in the same big-city market.”

Why the change of heart?

Simple. When you rely heavily on the propaganda press to win an election, the bill must be paid. You know how that game is played, favors must be returned. So, not surprisingly, now the deregulation plan is supported by the supreme ruler.

And it is guaranteed it will be supported by the media. Expect article after article and numerous talking heads to rave about how beneficial deregulation would be — for them. They want to return to the days when two or three entities controlled all the information exposed to the peasants throughout the countryside.

Get active on this one, citizens. Email and scream at your representatives to kill this. They will resist because they think they need the media. When they do, write again and scream louder.


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