Job Creator, My Ass

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Jul 242012

Initially thought to be a swing state in the 2012 election, many political professionals believe Obama has already lost W. Virginia because the EPA has ruined the coal industry there — and the lives of thousands and thousands of people that relied upon it.

There is bitterness, anger and pain within the population and as a result, the state flipped Obama the bird a long time ago. And recall in May, apparently as an exclamation point, the devastated population gave about 40% of their vote to a convicted felon rather than Obama during the state primary.

Even tyrants it seems, have to achieve a certain level of public-relations success.

And so we have Lisa Jackson, nothing more than a career bureaucrat, a life-long political groupie, that has been given the role to administer the EPA. But rather than strike a balance between environmental concerns and industry needs, she has decided that her quest for green is more important than the employment or energy needs of you and me.

What kind of a government issues regulations that are too rigid to meet or too expensive to implement, or that puts forth guidelines that can’t be met because the technology doesn’t exist?

We all know Obama wants to replace fossil with green. To make that happen he has assaulted the coal industry while pissing away obscene amounts of taxpayer money “investing” in Solyndra, Bright Source, Solar Trust of America, LSP Energy — all bankrupt.

But is that really a role for the federal government?

Is the federal government, based on the preferences of any given president, supposed to attack and destroy any given industry — and the livelihoods of citizens related to it — to make way for something new? Is the role of a president really supposed to be to change American society into his or her particular vision? Is America, in effect, supposed to have one political leader deciding what energy we use or what attitudes we have toward business? Is that really Obama’s job? He seems to think it is. How about you?

Personally, I disagree intensely with Obama’s vision of the presidency. His is more akin to something you might see in the Middle East or in a third world nation run by a war-lord.

I’m not interested, nor will I ever be, in a president telling me how I’m supposed to think about this or feel about that. Nor am I interested in a president that intentionally hurts American society — and by extension, the lives of the citizens — because industry practices, immigration laws, entitlement requirements, social norms or the Constitution don’t happen to conform to his or her particular visions. Obama’s use of government is an insult to those that died defending this country. It is a perversion beyond respect put forth by a man with a deeply flawed and twisted political philosophy.

What happened to the consent of the governed? What happened to answering to the will of the people?

In the back rooms of Congress, Obama and Pelosi twisted arms and threatened careers to get Obama-care passed against the will of the people. He has taken it upon himself to decide what laws he will and won’t enforce. He has decided what you and I should and shouldn’t value. Obama attacks big business and energy daily. He has crippled industry and harmed American citizens. The closing of plants and the lay-off of workers are direct evidence.

Can you see him? Walking proudly through the smoldering smoke, boot deep in the wreckage, a smile on his face for a job well done. And then, to close out his day, he wipes his feet on the Constitution.


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  1. I hear callers on talk radio nearly everyday claiming that Obama has created a million jobs, sadly people believe this stuff.

    Facts are, Obama hates nearly Evey form of energy production and is using the EPA to regulate plants out of business so we have no choice but to use less or pay out the ass.

    Anyone who doesn’t get this is a fool.

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