Job Creator, My Ass

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Jul 242012

Grab some body bags because Obama and the EPA storm-troopers have won another battle. PBS Coals Inc. and its affiliate, RoxCoal Inc., sent 225 workers packing Friday, dropping its workforce to 795 employees, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Lynn Shanks, the company’s CEO, pointed the finger at the EPA, “…the escalating costs and uncertainty generated by recently advanced EPA regulations and interpretations have created a challenging business climate for the entire coal industry.”

Isolated case? I’m afraid not.

Tragically, the Ohio Valley Coal Company, also announced that they too, were sending workers home — for good.

General Manager Ronald Koontz placed responsibility directly on Obama for conducting a “war on coal seeking to destroy the coal industry and the jobs of our own employees and the livelihoods of their families.” Koontz added, “Unfortunately, for us, this is just the beginning of workforce reductions.”

Mr. Koontz is correct about the war on coal. PBS Coal and Ohio Valley Coal aren’t the first plants crippled or destroyed by Obama and the EPA storm-troopers. As previously documented (Obama’ War On Energy / Disgraced EPA Soldier Resigns / Under My Plan…Electricity…Would Skyrocket), Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson have turned the EPA into perhaps the most confrontational, hostile and unforgiving of all government agencies.

Since taking power, Jackson has unleashed a continuous series of rules and regulations that are soft-sold to the public as “in their best interest” (that is the only sales pitch the EPA has), but are in fact designed to destroy the coal industry. The strategy is to either set regulations so ridiculously high that the majority of plants can’t meet them, or to make the regulations so ridiculously expensive that plants can’t afford them. Absurd? Think again. The EPA has actually set regulations where the technology needed to meet the guidelines isn’t available. Go figure. As gravy, they actually issue fines to industry for non-compliance (see Yet Another Reason Why Big Brother Isn’t Working).

In another sad example, last Friday the EPA announced it will “review” a new set of carbon capture technology regulations. Why? Because carbon capture technology hasn’t been developed commercially nor has it been proven financially feasible. Further, outraged critics charge, the standards set by EPA are impossible to meet with existing technology.

Are carbon capture non-compliance fines on the horizon? Perhaps, the EPA has done it before. But we are in an election year.

“Everyone knows that these regulations will bring about an economic disaster while yielding little environmental benefit,” said Bill Wilson, president of Americans for Limited Government. “With coal-producing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia likely to decide the presidential election, this delay smells like an attempt by the president to defer an economic and political disaster until after Election Day.”

You mean politics comes into play with environmental regulations? You betcha. Look at West Virginia as an example. (Continued)

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  1. I hear callers on talk radio nearly everyday claiming that Obama has created a million jobs, sadly people believe this stuff.

    Facts are, Obama hates nearly Evey form of energy production and is using the EPA to regulate plants out of business so we have no choice but to use less or pay out the ass.

    Anyone who doesn’t get this is a fool.

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