Jun 112013

Try to understand, there is no “left” or “right” in American politics. It is an illusion, brought to you by the elites that own the press and the politicians.

The news is a “reality show” that dangles political puppets in front of you for a certain number of episodes and then changes story-lines and actors.

As a political puppet, a Republican or a Democrat, to reach the national stage, sells out and becomes a Repuborat.

And the American press is the same as American politics. Virtually no broadcaster (Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer, Glen Beck, Anderson Cooper, etc.) gets a seat in front of a national camera without being in on the game. Beck spoke out while with FOX but went too far and then he got bounced. Judge Andrew Napolitano, for the same deed, suffered the same fate. Obviously, then, the survivors, those that are “career” talking heads are on someone’s payroll and push the propaganda.

It doesn’t matter which news channel, they just cater to different political niches.




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