Aug 032012

In the rough and tumble world of politics the reality is if Romney had failed to file multiple years of tax returns, as Harry Reid claims, we would know about it. The information would have been leaked long ago and all nature of Democratic barking dogs as well as the Obama campaign would’ve jumped on it. They’ve got nothing so they’re trying to set a trap.

Contrary to the asinine writings of Right-leaning pundits and the sound-bites from spineless establishment Republicans that called for him to release more returns, Romney should stick to his guns and release only what he has previously promised. Reid has assumed the role of hatchet-man for Obama and because of this, if Romney releases more returns he has folded. Worse, he has hand delivered the Left months of headlines. Imagine a biased media capable of prying into year after year and line after line of tax returns — what’s this? can you confirm this amount? can you document that deduction? — and so on. He would play right into their hands.

The reality is that it’s beginning to look like Romney is actually a relatively clean candidate and the Left is trying to manufacture something to report — other than Obama’s miserable liberal-socialist record.

Ultimately, what’s the big deal? Nobody really cares — especially the Left. Tim Geithner is a confirmed tax cheat yet he works as Secretary of the Treasury, nominated by and currently serving under Obama. How seriously can we take this?

And besides, who is going to hold it against Romney if he refuses — the Left? So what, they aren’t going to vote for him anyway. Independents? Not likely. The reason independents are independents is because they like the ability to think for themselves. And Obama’s first term disaster and his “you didn’t build that” are far more powerful and thought-provoking concepts for independents to consider than Romney refusing to be pushed around by Hatchet-man Harry and his “secret source” claims.

We’re now a mere 90 days or so from the election. The economy isn’t improving. Obama, supposedly the ultimate campaign wizard, showed the country he is a business-hater. The silly election polls the Left constantly publishes (Obama leads 46-44 or 47-45 or 48-43, etc.) are Democrat slanted junk. Blacks have gone public with distaste for Obama’s same-sex marriage flip-flop. And Democrats, if and when they can, are scattering from Obama like roaches from insecticide.

The “he said-she said” claim that Romney hasn’t filed returns in a decade is an act of sheer desperation and demonstrates that the Left feels the election slipping away.

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