Oct 152013

Can you envision that interview?

“Mr. Administrator, thanks for the meal and the hot shower,” says our homeless man. “I’m feeling a lot better so I’d like to leave now.”

“Let’s see,” says the bureaucrat. “Your file says you don’t have a residence.”

“No, sir.”

“It also says you don’t have a lawfully acceptable means of support.”


“A job.”

“No, sir.”

“Well, given that you have no residence nor any lawfully acceptable means of support, we feel it is in your best interest that you stay here at the facility. Your request is denied until further review.”

Unreal dialogue? Not necessarily because guards are posted at the facility to prevent foot traffic—only shuttle van arrivals and only shuttle van departures.

So, in summary, authorities can detain a human for not having a shelter (is that actually a crime?), ship them to a remote facility outside city limits and hold them against their will (is that kidnapping?).

Does that sound like a shelter? Or does it strike you more like a prison pretending to be a shelter?

Now it is true that the German Nazi’s had a far more efficient system—they used trains. But don’t worry, give the American Nazi’s inside DHS and the NSA some time, they’ll improve the shuttle system.

Research the subject yourself. You may discover that the homeless—flesh and blood humans that haven’t necessarily committed any crimes—are, in some manner or other, being rounded up by authorities in cities across the country. And as the powers-that-be continue to destroy industry and force the economic depression on America, there will be fewer and fewer jobs and more and more poor, hungry and homeless.

Rubbish, you say, this is a practical way to handle the starving and homeless, getting them off the streets is good for them and society.


But after 9/11 you welcomed increased government protection, now you have the police-state. You welcomed “alternative guideline” mortgage lending. Now you have the mortgage crisis. You allowed government education, now America’s children are misguided and ignorant. You welcomed video cameras to protect your businesses and now you have mass surveillance. You welcomed the cash card for your personal convenience. Now you can be locked out of the financial system with just a few key-strokes.

What will be the end result because you allowed once productive Americans, their lives intentionally destroyed by sick and twisted elitists, to be rounded up like cattle and removed from society as if they were criminals?

Look at your lawn again and try to understand, the grass is growing.


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