Jun 012012

The pale-faced squaw is in the news again. Elizabeth Warren emerged from her tee-pee after a pow-wow with her campaign team and admitted yesterday that she did indeed inform Harvard and others of her minority status. Also, she rambled on, those involved “have said unequivocally they were not aware of my heritage and that it played no role in my hiring.”

Warren claims she’s a Cherokee. Opponents claim she used minority status to gain a hiring advantage. When informed by the conservative media that she looks white and then pressed for evidence of her claim, she mentioned “family lore”. Knowing family lore is almost always littered with some tall tales, the conservative media pushed a little harder. Warren then mentioned “high cheekbones” as a family trait. Uh-oh.

Sensing she was in trouble her supporters sent for help. Seeing the smoke-signals on the horizon, the left media put on the war-paint and joined the fight with a typical counter-attack.

Out came silly spins, ridiculous rationalizations and, of course, the hired experts. Over the course of several weeks we were told the blue-eyed, blond native American wanted to meet others of her tribe so she registered “in the hopes that it might mean that I would be invited to a luncheon, a group something that might happen with people who are like I am.” We were also told at varying times she miss-spoke or she confused the sequences of events.

The New England Historic Genealogical Society, jumped in and allowed genealogist Christopher Child to publicly substantiate Warren’s claim using her great-great-great grandmother’s “marriage application” and from within it, a section noting the native heritage.

Meanwhile, virtually every day a lefty wrote a column praising Warren for claiming minority status (it takes courage, don’t you know), or slobbering over the virtues of Affirmative Action, or, most often the case, using lefty-logic to justify her claim.

A quality nugget came from David Treuer, run in the Washington Post. He stated, “Regardless of why Warren claimed minority status (she said she did it in hopes of meeting people with similar heritage), to be a woman from Oklahoma of working-class upbringing — and to want not only to walk the halls of power but to help build them — you have to press whatever advantage you have.”

Really? So lying about your past is acceptable if your goal is to “walk the halls of power”. And does this apply even if the “advantage you have” is made up? This outlook helps explain why Obama’s heritage is so vague. But, hey, skip the who, what, and where of his background — he wants to walk the halls of power.

Conservatives circled the wagons and counter-attacked. Rather than arrows, they fired facts.

The University of Pennsylvania listed her as a minority in a “Minority Equity Report” from 1987 to 1994. Harvard University listed her as a diversity hire in 1996. Breitbart.com flanked the left and went to Oklahoma to review the marriage application referenced by the New England Historic Genealogical Association and determined that the critical section didn’t reference native American heritage but was, in fact, left blank. So much for the Genealogical Association’s credibility.

More, Logan County Court clerk ReJeania Zmek told Breitbart.com that “no other news organization had contacted her to date on any national topic or to inquire about the validity of this purported 1894 Logan County, Oklahoma marriage license application…” So, ultimately no major media in support of Warren, actually investigated the document. Go figure.

So, Warren came out yesterday and admitted she did claim minority status but that it had no role in her hiring. Terrific. But who cares if it played a role in her hiring? Someone wake Pocahontas up. This issue is the lie.

With no evidence to support her claim of minority, it appears Elizabeth Warren isn’t a pale-faced squaw but more likely a two-faced liar. Is another slimy Senator what this country needs? Is the skill set Warren has demonstrated — the ability to slip through the cracks of our system for personal gain — the right skill set for the situation America is in? Do we really need more fabricators and story-tellers? Haven’t we learned politicians that rely on misdirection need to be replaced with those that rely on character?

Let’s all do a rain-dance so, hopefully, Massachusetts will determine there is no place in government for Elizabeth Warren.

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