Feb 102012

I’m against Agenda 21. I understand the concepts – we only have one earth and we need to live in harmony with it, we need to manage our resources, etc. – yes, yes, I get it. But, ultimately, it promotes a one world government, which, by definition, must include the destruction of America. So I’m against it and you should be, too.

Developed by the United Nations (trouble right there) Agenda 21 promotes the idea of sustainable development and communitarian-ism. In short, it is presented to us common folk as a way to save the earth from the mean selfish humans. Agenda 21 will right all the wrongs, add equality, harmony and tranquility to the human existence and create a social utopia. Rubbish! In reality, it is the left’s push toward a one world government. Don’t be fooled, the one world government concept is not a conspiracy theory. We’ll touch on more of that shortly.

The masterminds behind Agenda 21 used global warming to sell it to the masses. I say used, because the message has changed, as we will see. You’ve heard of it, global warming that is, the idea that there’s too much CO2 in the air and the ice-caps are melting, thus bringing about the end of the world unless we make drastic changes.

In 2009, documents were released that showed the global warming buzz is a hoax. Scientists, paid by agenda driven financiers, included slanted data to generate reports that had predetermined results (much like a lawyer might hire an “expert” witness for testimony – ‘yes your honor, he is insane’). By the way, it’s still occurring. Misinformation works, why dump a good technique, right?

Unfortunately, by the time the truth came out about the scam, Agenda 21 had already been initiated (those dastardly villains always being johnny-on-the-spot). But, with the debunking of global warming, our dubious lot hit an obstacle. Namely, if you want to justify radical social change because of a trigger (global warming) and then the trigger goes away, there’s no need for the radical social change. Clearly, that’s an obstacle. So what are power-hungry elitists to do? You guessed it, change the reasoning. Edit the story. Move from global warming to environmental issues like too much pollution, too many people, not enough food, too little habitat – that will work. And, because they’re crafty evil masterminds, they throw in some financial and political chaos, you know, as insurance.

Agenda 21 was ratified by George Bush, Sr., and it is being implemented without your consent. How? Bill Clinton established the Presidential Council for Sustainable Development, by executive order, thereby effectively side-stepping Congress and the American people. Stop here a moment and ask yourself, if global warming and over-population and resource management and all the other issues lefties toss into the pot, are so self-evident and so critical, why did Clinton have to use an executive order? Why not have a national discussion and allow the people and Congress to have a voice?

It is organized and promoted by all nature of creepy creatures (the United Nations, George Soros, ICLEI, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many more) with an agenda of establishing, as stated earlier, a new world order. The goal is to create a one world government that recognizes no national sovereignty and is ruled by, of course, the special few that help make it happen. Politics is politics after all.

It sounds like a Bond movie, doesn’t it? Anyway, it is in conflict with our American way of life (if not our actual existence – I’ll touch on that nugget soon). It is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Make no mistake, Agenda 21 is bad for the America you know. It attacks our laws, property rights, food, water, soil, vaccines, manufacturing and on and on and on. I know it’s hard to imagine, but there is no stone unturned. It is an insidious weed, that will, if left unchecked, grow throughout the foundation of the system and utterly and completely disfigure this country (of course, there will be no country because that’s the point). To fully communicate the magnitude of Agenda 21 would require a book. So, with your permission, I will highlight just a few more things.

Agenda 21, ratified in 1992, is twenty years old this year. It is a healthy and strapping young lad ready to enter its prime. And our villains are pushing it right along. (…continued…)

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