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Editor’s Note: David Chase Taylor is an American journalist living in Zürich, Switzerland. He is on-the-run from US agents for exposing a 2011 Super Bowl terror plot within his book, The Nuclear Bible.

SWITZERLAND, Zürich —  Although the Obama administration has thus far survived the Fast and Furious, Solyndraand Benghazi scandals, it won’t survive Terrorgate—a shocking series of terror related events which makes Hitler’s Reichstag Fire pale in comparison.

The Terrorgate cover-up has to date resulted in the murder of at least 18 U.S. and E.U. Special Forces as well as the unprecedented arrest of 3 top U.S. Navy brass. As the fallout from Terrorgate continues to rock Capitol Hill, the resignation of President Obama looms large pending charges of treason and conspiracy to commit murder by House and Senate Democrats and Republicans.

State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror.

When Obama called the Washington Navy Yard Massacre just “another mass shooting,” it was wishful thinking as reality begs to differ. Evidence acquired to date conclusively proves that the Navy Yard Massacre of September 16, 2013, was just the first in a series of mass executions and assassinations ordered by the Obama administration in order to mitigate Terrorgate blowback.

In essence, Terrorgate is an ever-growing state-sponsored terror scandal in which the Obama administration was caught red-handed conspiring to commit unprecedented acts of terror upon the American people, namely in the cities of College Station, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Washington, D.C.

The Terrorgate scandal essentially began when the Obama administration premeditatedly targeted two “Live TV” sporting events on Saturday, September 14, 2013, in order to showcase its own version of the “Shock and Awe” military doctrine. The first attack was slated to occur at an NCAA Football game in College Station, followed by a secondary attack on a boxing match in Las Vegas. In order to play up the “race war” angle of the attack as well as demonize the 2nd Amendment, a gun-related massacre targeting Hispanics celebrating Mexican Independence Day on the Las Vegas Stripwas also planned.

Based on the 3 live terror drillswhich were being executed simultaneously on September 14, 2013, Kyle Field(i.e., Texas A&M’s football stadium) and the MGM Grandcasino were slated to be attacked with military grade explosives. In all likelihood, the attacks would have caused structural failure, ultimately crushing and trapping thousands of fans in attendance.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, Obama planned to address the nation from the White House Rose Gardenwhere he would institute martial law and implicate white American gun owners and militia members in the attacks. While grandstanding on “Live TV”, Obama was scheduled to be attacked with CBRN-like weapon, ultimately leaving the White House radioactive or under quarantine.

Coincidentally, a terror drill in which the U.S. President was attacked by a CBRN weaponwas executed by the Marine Corps on September 13, 2013, less than 24 hours before the scheduled attack on the White House. The logic behind the self-inflicted White House attack was three-fold: a) it would make Obama a personal victim of the attack enabling him to relate to the real victims, b) it would make Obama appear sympathetic to the world, and c) it would provide an alibi of sorts for Obama by making him appear uninvolved in the attacks.

However, prior to the fruition of these cowardly acts of terror, world-renowned whistleblower issued false-flag terror warnings in respect to all three terror attacks (e.g., College Station, Las Vegas, and the White House).

Once the terror plots were exposed, the Obama administration was forced to go into damage control which has thus far resulted in the execution of 3 state-sponsored terror cells (consisting of 6 men each), who became expendable due to their firsthand knowledge of the Obama sanctioned terror plots.

In the 7 days following the foiled terror attacks, 18 white males, all of which worked for the government in some capacity, were executed or killed in highly suspicious accidents. In each case, the men were either “military contractors”, Special Forces, policemen or SWAT team members of the U.S. Capitol Police, the U.S. Navy, the Marine Corps, U.S. Army Special Forces, NATO, or the European Union. In order to create plausibility deniability in the aftermath of black ops such as Terrorgate, domestic terror attacks are generally executed by non-enlisted military personal who are commonly referred to as “contractors” or “contract killers”.

Executed Terrorgate Terrorists (September 16-23, 2013):


1. Terror Cell “A” (U.S. Navy/Marine Corps): The first state-sponsored terror cell consisting of 6 men was neutralized on September 16, 2013, when 13 civilians and contractors alike were executed in the Washington Navy Yard. Of the 13 reported victims, 6 were white males (see circled photos) who were most likely “contractors” affiliated with the Marine Corps or the Navy SEALS. Based on the proximity of the massacre in respect to the White House, it can be theorized that the 6-man terror cell executed at the Navy Yard was likely responsible for executing the CBRN attack on the White House. (Continued)

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