Jul 092012
Chum Bucket: The United Nations

The United Nations floated a Billionaire’s Tax proposal last Thursday. Well, that’s what the headlines said anyway. The truth is, like all UN proposals it included other proposals, too. It’s a classic technique used by the Left. Saturate the public with a headline like “UN Proposes Billionaire Tax” and everyone says, ‘billionaires have the money, whatever’. Of course, no one talks about the other proposals …READ MORE

May 302012
Chum Bucket: The State Of California

Sometime after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, California lawmakers introduced memorial license plates with the words, “We Will Never Forget.” The idea, no doubt fueled by patriotism, was to use the fees generated by the license plate sales to fund scholarships for the children of California victims of the attack and also to bolster law enforcement’s anti-terrorism efforts within the state. Unfortunately, that’s not how things …READ MORE

Chum Bucket: Patrick Cox

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Apr 062012
Chum Bucket: Patrick Cox

Oh, my goodness, can it get any worse? The Texas-based firm that claims to be able to rough up the IRS on your behalf is a fake and fraud. The sky is falling. There is no light at the end of the tunnel and the end of days has arrived. For TaxMasters, that is. Apparently, Patrick Cox and his co-workers haven’t been doing their job …READ MORE

Chum Bucket: NBC News

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Apr 042012
Chum Bucket: NBC News

Well, finally we seem to be getting some real news, not race-biased speculation, regarding the Trayvon Martin case. I recall a few days back somehow (radio, television or web) getting wind that NBC had doctored the 911 call. I remember thinking it’s just another example of how the left and media consistently try to play a rigged game. I had already noticed that the first …READ MORE