Jul 092012
Chum Bucket: The United Nations

The United Nations floated a Billionaire’s Tax proposal last Thursday. Well, that’s what the headlines said anyway. The truth is, like all UN proposals it included other proposals, too. It’s a classic technique used by the Left. Saturate the public with a headline like “UN Proposes Billionaire Tax” and everyone says, ‘billionaires have the money, whatever’. Of course, no one talks about the other proposals …READ MORE

May 302012
Chum Bucket: The State Of California

Sometime after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, California lawmakers introduced memorial license plates with the words, “We Will Never Forget.” The idea, no doubt fueled by patriotism, was to use the fees generated by the license plate sales to fund scholarships for the children of California victims of the attack and also to bolster law enforcement’s anti-terrorism efforts within the state. Unfortunately, that’s not how things …READ MORE

In Memoriam: Levon Helm

 Posted by on April 21, 2012  In Memoriam
Apr 212012
In Memoriam: Levon Helm

Mark Lavon “Levon” Helm was born in Arkansas on May 26, 1940. Most know his claim to fame to be as the drummer for The Band, but Helm was in fact a multi-instrumentalist. He was also a vocalist and did some acting. Helms started his performing career in the late 1950′s with Ronnie Hawkins. The Hawks re-located to Canada in 1959 and signed with Roulette …READ MORE

In Memoriam: Mike Wallace

 Posted by on April 9, 2012  In Memoriam
Apr 092012
In Memoriam: Mike Wallace

Long before alternative cable channels became established, the alphabet media (ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS) was what America watched. My family, probably like millions of others, would gather around the television each Sunday night and watch “60 Minutes,” As a result, Mike Wallace was a regular personality in my life back then. He and his associates introduced me to people living lives far removed  from …READ MORE